Jeanson - Warning and fine  for missing Test

The trials and tribulations of Canadian cyclist, Geneviève Jeanson continued this week. At the beginning of the year, Jeanson was forced to apply for a USA racing licence after her local Canadian Federation refused her 2004 racing application because she had an "incomplete file". She was able to secure the licence because she is normally resident in the US. 

The episode was the final chapter in a saga which began late in 2003 after an initial hematocrit test was above the allowed limit. The subsequent test 2 weeks later was below the limit.  Meetings with the Canadian Federation and Jeason's local cycling federation in Quebec followed. Medical evidence considered, but there were problems and disagreements at this stage, leading to the eventual decision not to allow the licence issue. The National body conceded that Jeanson had not broken any cycling regulations, but that authority remains with local federations when granting a licence. (See story by clicking here).

Anyway, Jeanson, racing for Team Rona in April was tested prior to the Flèche Wallone in Belgium. The tests were negative. However, she failed to attend a post-race test. Under UCI rules, non-appearance is treated as a doping offence and so Jeanson was investigated by the US Anti-doping Agency and a 3-person arbitration committee - the American Arbitration Association  (of the North American Court of Arbitration for Sports Panel). have penalised her in accordance with the 'initial offence' - fining her 500 Swiss Francs and issuing a Public Warning. 

Team Rona's press office released a statement on the sanction, to view it, click here >> view Team Rona Statement.


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