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"There's no such thing as a free lunch" (according to economists), but in Australia, the Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation would like to invite women interested in cycling to a free breakfast!

Riva, St Kilda Marina, Saturday 21st February 2003 - 08:45am

There are still places - go along on the day.....

Speakers include current cyclists - Katie Mactier, Margaret Andrews and Nicola Wells, as well as the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Justin Madden

The Minister for Sport and Recreation has given funding to an Action Research project to be run by Deakin University's School of Health alongside partners such as the Cycling Promotion Fund, Bicycle Victoria, CycleSports Victoria and the Victorian Local Government Association. 

The breakfast marks the launch of the project and the launch is supported by the organising committee for the Geelong UCI Women’s Road Cycling World Cup.

Victorian State statistics show that cycling is a popular pastime amongst women, being walking and aerobics / fitness training. In fact, events such as those run Bicycle Victoria attract women at around 50% of participants.

Whilst it is relatively easy to get involved in team sports, individual activities such as cycling can be daunting to take up - especially when equipment and specialist clothing is required, as in the case of cycling. Deakin's School of Health will be looking to evaluate participation initiatives for cycling and to track case studies over the three year project duration. 

The project aims to find out what is going on at the moment and how women can be encouraged to cycle. Although when surveyed, "time" is often quoted as a barrier to activities such as cycling, further investigation in many cases actually exposes motivation as a factor. 

Revolutions for Women is a state government funded project and is looking to change in women's participation in cycling. It may not uncover the next 2008 Olympic cycling champion (it might) - many Victorians have achieved World and Olympic honours - Kathy Watt, Liz Williams and Anna Millward, as well as Kate Mactier, who will be speaking at the breakfast. The project aim is to encourage women to take up and continue to participate in cycling. Social cycling is an important aspect of this, participation by women, without compelling them to compete - making cycling accessible. 

The Revolutions Breakfast will be used to launch the project and raise awareness of it, whilst providing an opportunity for women to "come see" what its all about and to meet other interested parties. 

So, if you fancy getting on your bike, but don't know how, or don't want to race, come along to St Kilda on Saturday and meet some people who can help you. You can even bring your bike, as there will be a short ride before breakfast and the speakers. 


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