New To Cycling?

If you are new to cycling and do not know where to start, this series may help you. In the coming weeks, WomensCycling.net will provide basic information and facts to give you an insight into the world of cycling and more importantly, how to become an active cyclist.

New additions to the series will be posted regularly. Subjects such as which bike to ride, what to wear, what to eat and how to get involved in social or competitive cycling will be covered. Equipment, how to choose a bike shop, joining a club, how to work with a coach and so on will also be included. 

Titles - click below to view the articles - those titles with "Go..." are ready to read, so feel free, explore the series as it develops........

Title Click  to explore :

1 :   Cycling - the basics - cycling position

2 :   What to wear Go...
3 :   Clubs - competition and the social side of cycling
4 :   Starting out - getting fit and developing as a cyclist
5 :   Food, drink and rest - important aspects of cycling  
6  :  Basic maintenance - body and bike
7 :   Equipment - specialist and female specific kit
8 :   Different types of competition - which will you do?
9 :   Working with and choosing a coach
10 : Next steps.......





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