World Track Championships

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sunday 30th May 

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Sunday May 30
Session 8 

13:00 -  16:20


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It has been an exciting day of racing at the Vodaphone Arena in Melbourne today, Sunday. The scratch race was relatively quiet until a crash with 5 laps to go took out two riders and then another with 2 to go took out another two. The second crash was more serious, with Australia's previous silver medallist in this event, Rochelle Gilmore, taken off to hospital for precautionary X-rays on a back injury, although later, unconfirmed reports were of a broken collarbone. The race was won by Yoanka Gonzalez Perez from Cuba in a sprint which saw her a good length ahead of Mandy Poitras (Canada).

The 500m Time Trial saw Australian Anna Meares take the honours from the current World Record holder from China and deposing the defending Champion. It could not have been more exciting, though as Meares rode her individual 2 laps mid-starting order. She then had to wait for the others to finish to know her finish position.  Of the wait, she said "I couldn't sit down but I couldn't stay on the rollers [which she was using to warm down] because I thought I'd fall off. I didn't want to look at the scoreboard but I knew from the crowd's reaction that I had it." Meares then rode several victory laps, flying an Australian flag and occasionally wiping away tears of joy.

10km Scratch Race

The scratch race saw Hanka Kupfernagel try a couple of times to stretch the field and gain an advantage. However, the bunch was in no mood to let anyone go away. Other attempts were made by Clara Sanchez, 2004 Keirin Champion and B Guerrero Mendez, bronze sprint medallist. In-between-times, World Pursuit champion, Sarah Ulmer was in evidence at the front, policing matters. Also working hard to control the race, or to ensure that noone escaped who could not be dealt with were Olga Slyusareva (RUS), closely guarded by Australia's Rochelle Gilmore. 

In fact, just before half-race distance, when Kupfernagel went off the front, she was followed by Rebecca Quinn, Slyusareva, her guard, Gilmore and Dutch rider, Adrie Visser. Then, when Mexican Guerrero Mendez tried twice to get away, Slyusareva and Gilmore were there to bring her back, assisted by Kupfernagel.

After her initial efforts, Sarah Ulmer sat comfortably at the back of the bunch. Although, she put herself into the situation of having to avoid the fallers in the crashes towards the end of the race.

The crash with 5 to go took out Guerrero Mendez and Sung Eun Gu (KOR). The major crash occurred with 2 to go on the North (MCG) bend of the velodrome. A clash of shoulders between Spaniard Gemma Pascual Torrecilla, who seemed to lose her balance, and Rochelle Gilmore (AUS) brought the two down. Gilmore was very still at the bottom of the track and was eventually stretchered off for X-rays at a local hospital.

The race continued and the sprint for the medals showed Yoanka Gonzalez Perez beat Mandy Poitras by a length. Olga Slyusareva took her second medal of the Championships, a bronze to go with her Gold Points Race medal.

Yoanka Gonzalez Perez was humbled at the thought of her win. "Its a present direct from God, I thank God for the result I achieved." This is Cuba's first ever Gold medal at a World Championships. "I'm still trying to comprehend it. We don't have a lot of competition in Cuba unlike the Europeans. So to win is amazing.

Runner-up, Mandy Poitras (Canada) had a better day today - having been lapped in the Points race yesterday and finishing last. She clearly got out of the right side of the bed today - "I feel pretty good now. I'm really happy with a silver medal and am now looking forward to the rest of the season and preparing for next year's World Cups." (Her results this year ranked her 17th and 19th overall in the Points and Scratch races.)

Official reports indicated that Gilmore was taken to a local hospital for X-rays to a back injury. Later this evening, reports (unconfirmed) were that Gilmore suffered a broken collarbone.


Posn Name Country
1  Y Gonzalez Perez CUB
2 M Poitras CAN
3 O Slyusareva RUS
4 R Quinn USA
5 M L Calle COL
6 K Kostantinidiou GRE
7 J Vandekerckhove FRA
8 G Bronzini ITA
9 L Kozlikova CZE
10 A Visser NED
11 H Kupfernagel GER
12 S Ulmer NZL
13 L Vypyraylo UKR
DNF R Gilmore AUS
DNF G Pascual Torrecilla ESP
DNF B Guerrero Mendez MEX


500m TT

The atmosphere in the full to capacity Vodaphone Arena was electric as this competition progressed. Starting mid-order, Anna Meares (AUS) recorded the fastest time so far and then had to wait to see how the others would fare. The others included defending World Champion Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR) and current World Record holder, Yonghua Jiang (China). With three riders left, noone had yet beaten Meare's time. Record holder Jiang thundered around the two laps, faster than Meares at 1/2 distance, but slowed to a second-best time. The crowd cheered the fact that Meares would now at least get bronze. It was around this time that Meares climbed off the rollers she had been warming-down on and went to sit in the Australian pit along with (injured) sister Kerry. 

Nancy Contreras (Mexico) was next rider, her first lap was only 6th best and her overall time gave her 7th so far. This time the crowd cheered the fact that Meares was assured at least silver. Last rider was Simona Krupeckaite. There was a hush around the stadium as she started, then cheering her on, as the crowd had generously done all week for non-Australian riders. Her 1 lap time was slow, she continued to the finish line and the Arena erupted - not for her, but for Meares - the new World Champion.

The celebrations were terrific. In the Australian pit, Meares hugged Meares - shown to all on the massive playback screens at either end of the Arena. Meares then got onto her bike and rode several victory laps. She was clearly very moved by her victory, wiping away tears occasionally as she rode around. She completed a lap hands-free, holding an Australian flag aloft before pulling it to her face and kissing it. She then draped it around her shoulders and rode another lap to the crowd, who were still on their feet. 

When it came to the medal ceremony, Meares was still easily moved to emotion. Again, she had to wipe away tears as she saw the Australian flag rise to the National Anthem. Meares is just 21 years old in 2004.  Her experience and maturity on the track as she rides belies this. It is touching that she showed such emotion as a reaction to her first Worlds win........... Her comments about her win were full of praise for her coach, Ian McKenzie and excitement for the moment - 

"Its been an unbelievable experience. I just want to thank everybody. A lot of credit must go to my coach Ian. I've worked really hard. Its always great to see results. I probably expected it to happen in another one to two years but to happen now is surreal.



Posn Name Country Time
1 A Meares AUS 34.342
2 Y Jiang CHN 34.675
3 S Krupeckaite LTU 34.788
4 Y Hijgenaar NED 34.859
5 N Tsylinskaya BLR 34.913
6 C Jiang CHN 34.953
7 T Abassova RUS 35.193
8 E Frisoni ITA 35.250
9 N Contreras MEX 35.313
10 V Pendleton GBR 35.360
11 L-A Meunzer CAN 35.454
12 C Sanchez FRA 35.678
13 T Lindenmuth USA 35.794
14 A Bellutti ITA 35.815
15 S Panzer GER 34.973
16 E Radanova BUL 37.741
17 A Tchulkova RUS 38.010



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I couldn't sit down but I couldn't stay on the rollers [which she was using to warm down] because I thought I'd fall off. I didn't want to look at the scoreboard but I knew from the crowd's reaction that I had it." 

Anna Meares - World 500m TT Champion


"I'm still trying to comprehend it. We don't have a lot of comeptution in Cuba unlike the Europeans. So to win is amazing"

Yoanka Gonzalez Perez - Cuba's first ever World Champion

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500m TT
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