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Monday 23rd August 2004

Sprint 1/4 finals

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Races in the 1/4 finals are best-of-three. The winners go through to the semi-finals and then final on Tuesday. If the heats go to form, the first named in each heat should win.

Races take place Monday 16:30hrs (Athens) for the first race, 16:50hrs (Athens) for the second race and 17:20hrs (Athens) for the third race - if it is required.

Start List 

Name   Nation
1  Anna
2  Natallia
3 Tamilla
4 Lori-Ann
   Daniela Greluis

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9-12 place Final

In what would probably be little consolation for Briton Victoria Pendelton, who started these games with such high hopes, that she took 9th place in the sprint competition. She won the minor final, beating Jennie Reed (USA), Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED) and Evgenia Radanova (BUL). 

Position Name Nation
9 Victoria Pendleton GBR       time :  12.699 seconds
10 Jennie Reed USA
11 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
12 Evgenia Radanova BUL


1/4 Finals

Meares vs Meinke

In Heat 1, Race 1, Meinke and Meares used the width of the track in the first lap - just above walking pace. Meares kept her opponent high on the banking in the second lap and hardly took her eyes off her until the 200m to go line, when she simply accelerated away to easily take the first race.

Meares 11.916sec beat Meinke

Leading off, Meares took Meinke around the track and then, in a display similar to the first race, she kept Meinke high on the banking until the bell. With both riders mid-track and Meinke behind, Meinke jumped to go underneath but did not complete the move. Meares moved down towards Meinke and then pulled back up again and once more, accelerated. Meinke kicked too and gave a good show for herself, but at the end of the race, Meares had 1/2 a length over the German and went through to the semi finals in commanding style.

Meares   beat Meinke. 2-0

Tsylinskaya vs Grankovskaya

For the Russian, this was really the first show of anything like her World Championship winning form. She has made it hard for herself, having to come back to the competition through the 1/8 finals repechages. As it was, though, both races were contested at a steady pace through to the bell and from there, Tsylinkskaya did not trouble Grankovskaya. 

Grankovskaya beat Tsylinskaya 2-0

Abassova vs Krupeckaite

In the first race, Krupeckaite easily took the win to go 1-0 up. 

Race 2 was full of excitement, as Krupeckaite was the rider drawn to lead the first alp. She did so at a steady pace and was easily 5 lengths ahead of an attentive Abassova as they took the bell. In a powerful display of pace, Abassova closed the gap, which was still at least a length as they entered the final straight. Her final surge meant that the two were made to wait for a result, as the judges looked at the photofnish to the 11.797second result. The race was awarded as a dead heat and ordered to be re-run. 

The rerun saw both riders using the width of the track, Abassova led lap 1 and Krupeckaite went through with 2 to go to take the lead. As they entered the last 200m - on the back straight, more specifically - Krupeckaite veered from her line almost as far as the blue line, only to be elbowed back down again by Abassova. Krupeckaite carried on to take the win, with Abassova crossing the line waving her index finger to demonstrate her view of the meandering path taken by her opponent. She objected, but it was rejected. The two lined up for their 4th race and Abassova ensured her place in the semi finals by commandingly taking the intitiative and continuing to accelerate away to the line.

Abassova beat Krupeckaite 2-1

Meunzer vs Larreal Chirinos

The tall and powerful Canadian wasted no time taking the first race. It was not without incident, though, as her opponent was warned for entering the sprinter's line when her opponent was already there.

The second race saw Larreal Chirinos leading out. She maintained a steady pace and Meunzer sat behind until just before the bell, she dived underneath and just accelerated away from the Venezuelan.

Meunzer beat Larreal Chirinos 2-0

The semi finals on Tuesday  look like this :

Meunzer vs Meares 

Abassova vs Grankovskaya. 




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