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Riders had various reactions to the result. Of course, Nicole Cooke (GBR) and Oenone Wood (Aus) were looking for medals as compensation for having missed out in the road race. So, too was the eventual returning Champion, Leontiuen van Moorsel - who apparently suffered with a severe headache during the ride - it began at about half distance and lasted through to the finish. (This may give some indication as to why most of her advantage over Barry, the silver medallist was gained in the first 12km).

Although there were only 25 starters, the field was truly the highest echelon of women's cycling. 


Here are some of the reactions to the results:


Leontien ZIJLAARD-van MOORSEL (NED) - Champion

On her very first reaction after the finishing first:

"I suffered so much, you can't imagine. It's hurts everywhere. This is my revenge for last Sunday in the Road Race when I fell. I have trained so hard for this. I'm exhausted, but very happy."

On the Track Pursuit (she is in the entry list):

"I don't know if I will participate. My head hurts. First that has to go better. We will see." 

On the tears she cried:

"It was tears of joy and pain at the same time. Especially the last 10 kilometres of the race were very painful. But I kept saying to myself that  that this would be the last time that I had to suffer like this."


Deirdre DEMET-BARRY (USA) - silver medal

"I feel great and excited. There were many great athletes and I can not believe that I took the silver medal."

About the time trial course: 

"It is a technical course. You have to get focused only to your abilities, to your technique and to your time. I have taken part in other time trials in the past but for this one I felt strong and confident from the beginning." 

About her inspiration:

 "My family was here from the beginning of this week and this helped me a lot. It is a great support to have your family with you. Also, the climate was hot, the pulse of the people was very strong and the level of the competition really high. All these in combination with my desire and confidence to win a medal were absolutely a strong inspiration." 

About gold medallist Leontien ZIJLAARD-van MOORSEL (NED):

 "She is a great athlete. She is one of the best cyclists in the world. Congratulations to her."


 Karin THUERIG ( SUI) (Bronze)

On her bronze medal: 

"I' m so happy. I can't believe it. I took an Olympic Medal and it's so nice. This is the best thing that has happened in my career". 

On her family:

 "I want to dedicate this medal to my family. Everybody is here in Athens celebrating with me. I will go to the Olympic Village and celebrate it with them". 

On her black skinsuit (which was not Swiss national colours):

 "I always wear my black suit. It always brings me a lot of luck". 



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