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Athens 2004 

Time Trial - 18th August 

van Moorsel - Champion again


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In a race which pretty much justified the start times allotted to the field of 25, Leontien Zijlaard van Moorsel gave a stunning performance against the clock - made more spectacular after her departure from the road race on Sunday in a most dramatic crash - which she caused. (Click here for Road Race write up) 

Unfortunately, Lynne Bessette, who vanMoorsel took down in the fall which she caused, although pre-race stating that she did not feel the pain of the crash on the bike, was not as strong. She finished down the order - perhaps as a result of the efforts of Sunday's race before she was downed with just 2 laps to go.

The riders faced the clock on a sunny day, temperatures were around 30'C, but with less wind than in previous days. Start times were 1 minute 30 seconds apart and there were 25 riders listed on the start list. In fact, the w

The course followed the coast road - out for 12km and back along the same road for the second 12km.

Given the gap between starters and the number of starters, noone was going to finish before the final starter - Zoulifa Zaborova. This meant that there would be no opportunity to report back on conditions on the course today. However, there were time checks at half distance, which the following cars were able to make use of.

Leontien Zijlaard van Moorsel showed no obvious signs of Sunday's crash as she left the starthouse. Atlanta TT champion, Zalifira Zabrova looked strong at this early stage of the race too.

From the early starters, Germany's Trixi Worrack was fastest, with a time of 16minutes 17seconds. With half the field finished, the American, Christine Thorburn set the pace with a time of 32:14:82, but just as she posted her time, van Moorsel scorched through the turn in 15 minutes 8 seconds - 24 seconds ahead of Dede Barry - the other American who was the fastest through until then.

At the finish, Barry confirmed her fast turn-time with the fastest finish time as she crossed the line. Whilst out on the course, van Moorsel was powering over the rolling climbs. Judith Arndt, too, was powering her way back to the finish line. Zabirova, last to start, was pedalling more quickly than some of her competitors, but was not going as quickly as them.

Britain's Nicole Cooke finished tenth best on those who were ahead of her - not able to make up for her disappointment of 5th in the road race, where she had gone out for the gold medal.

Australia's hopes were with Oenone Wood - but she was only just in contention with her turn-time and despite a huge second half, was only able to come in as 4th fastest of those in front of her. 

Joane Somarriba came in with a disappointing 32:25:93 - slower than Oenone Wood, she was quickly followed by Karin Theurig (31:54:89) and then a storming van Moorsel - surely the Champion-in-waiting with only Arndt and Zabirova on the course.

As it transpired, van Moorsel was victorious, whilst Dede Barry took silver in this, her first Olympic games. Third place went to Karin Theurig - who rode not in the official Swiss colours, but in a black and white long-sleeved skinsuit which matched her black carbon fibre bike.


1 Leontien Zijlaard van Moorsel Netherlands
2 Dede Barry USA
3 Karin Theurig Switzerland

Results - by start order - PROVISIONAL

Start Time   Name Time 12km Time
13:00:00 Tatiana GUDERZO  16:41 34:14:47
13:01:30 Nataliya KACHALKA  17:09 35:00:00
13:03:00 Dori RUANO SANCHON 16:34 33:29:53
13:04:30 Trixi WORRACK  16:17 33:05:52
13:06:00 Rasa POLIKEVICIUTE  16:50 34:34:48
13:07:30 Susanne LJUNGSKOG  16:59 35:17:25
13:09:00 Jeannie LONGO CIPRELLI 16:?? 33:05:31
13:10:30 Christine THORBURN  16:00 32:14:82
13:12:00 Susan PALMER-KOMAR  16:17 33:26:01
13:13:30 Priska DOPPMANN  16:02 32:40:47
13:15:00 Lada KOZLIKOVA  15:47 32:15:41
13:16:30 Anita VALEN  16:45 34:31:41
13:18:00 Olga SLYUSAREVA  16:09 32:51:06
13:19:30 Mirjam MELCHERS  16:07 33:01:58
13:21:00 Nicole COOKE  16:19 33:45:22
13:22:30 Deirdre DEMET-BARRY  15:32 31:35:62
13:24:00 Oenone WOOD  15:50 32:16:00
13:25:30 Edita PUCINSKAITE  16:10 32:42:12
13:27:00 Lyne BESSETTE  16:18 33:24:19
13:28:30 Edwige PITEL  16:44 34:02:35
13:30:00 Joane SOMARRIBA ARROLA 15:50 32:25:93
13:31:30 Karin THUERIG  15:43 31:54:89
13:33:00 Leontien ZIJLAARD-van MOORSEL 15:08 31:11:53
13:34:30 Judith ARNDT  16:07 32:46:94
13:36:00 Zoulfia ZABIROVA  15:54 32:30:08


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