With the success of the Women's Team Race Series, it is right that the few rules that were devised need to be reviewed, possibly amended and perhaps new rules added. It is apparent that, in light of working, certain things can be improved and others made better to give a clearer and better understanding of a Series that can only go from strength to strength.


1. The Women's Team Race Series will be open to Region/Division Teams - Trade Teams - Sponsored Teams - Club Teams - Welsh Cycling Union - Scottish Cycling Union - W.C.R.A - Northern Ireland Cycling Federation.

2. There shall be a maximum of 8 events in the Team Series of which 7 shall be counting events. It shall be the responsibility of the Manager or Co-ordinator of all teams to inform the Series Collator Jon Miles of the event they wish to discount at least two weeks before the final race in the Series All teams shall consist of a maximum of 6 riders. A guest rider will be allowed for teams that are unable to field the full complement. All team members must wear the same design race jersey. There shall be no minimum number of riders in a team.

Each Team shall, at the first race of each new season, nominate, to the Series Collator, a Team Captain or Manager, who must be a member of a National Federation of the UCI - in the case of Team Managers who are members of the BCF, their membership card should be annotated 'Team Manager' by the BCF; it is their responsibility to co-ordinate entries, to represent the Team in meetings when it is necessary and to ensure that the Team complies with the rules of the Series. This person shall be responsible for the conduct of the Team and be the first person contacted.

3. It is in the interest of all riders to compete for the same Team throughout the year, in order to gain the benefits of an established team environment. Riders who wish to change Teams during the season can only do so with the prior agreement of the Managers or Team Captains of each of the Teams concerned plus the Series Originators. It is expected that this rule will be used very rarely.

4. A rider, who having competed for a named team in the Series, can change teams with the agreement as in Rule 3. All points gained by that rider shall stay with the previous team. A new named team shall enter the Series with zero points.

5. Individual riders are encouraged to compete in the Series and they will become, temporarily, part of the Impsport Composite Team. Each rider in the Impsport Composite Team is encouraged to go to their Region/Division Team by the time the next Series Race takes place; points gained by the rider is referred to in Rule 4.

6. It is suggested that Entry Fees shall be set at 8.00 per rider and multiples of this amount for Teams although it is recognised that local conditions may mean an increase of this amount. The Team Entry Form is recommended to be used and to be accepted by race organisers. The Team Manager or Team Captain shall, when sending in the Team Entry Form to the race organiser, include sufficient stamped addressed envelopes for a race programme to be sent to all riders plus the Team Manager or Team Captain

7. All races in the Team Race Series shall be open to all female riders, organisers may state a closing date before which entries should be sent but 'Entries of the Line' will still be accepted.

8. Prize money for each race in the Series shall, as a minimum, cover the first 6 riders to finish and the first three teams with the highest points total in that race.

9. Calculation of the team award shall be based upon the finishing position of the riders in each race. There shall be no 'Individual Classification' as this is a Team Series. 1st placed rider shall receive 60 points - 2nd placed rider shall receive 59 points and so on until all riders who have completed the race distance have had points allocated. The team with the highest number of points shall be the winning team - the team with the second highest number of points shall be the second placed team and so on. There shall be no minimum of riders placed to qualify for Team positions.

10. The table of teams and points gained shall be published in each succeeding race programme; it is the responsibility of the last organiser to inform the Series Collator Jon Miles of the points gained by all the teams; this can be achieved by sending a copy of the completed result sheet or by e-mail to jonmiles@breathemail.net.

11. The Women's Team Race Series winner shall be the team with the highest points score after the final race in the Series. A perpetual Trophy shall be awarded to the Women's Team Races Series winner.

A perpetual Trophy shall be awarded to the Team that has, in the opinion of the Series originators, been the most tactical/aggressive Team in the Series, having ridden in the true spirit of the Series.

12. At a date and time to be circulated, a meeting shall be arranged for team representatives to discuss that years Team Series and to consider any changes that might be required or rules amended.

13. All other points not covered in these rules shall be adjudicated by Jenny Gretton and Jon Miles; their decision will be final and binding upon all parties.

14. All assets and funds will transfer to the Women's Cycle Racing Association if the Women's Team Race Series ceases to exist. SUMMARY

It is recognised that a Region/Division Team may have more than the required 6 riders who are keen to compete in the Series and that the 'extra' riders may be required to compete in the Impsport Composite Team; in subsequent races these riders would be debarred from competing for their Region/Division Team having competed for the Impsport Composite Team.

Similarly, a new or novice rider will ride in their first Team Series race and be included in the Impsport Composite Team; however, the Region/Division Team for which she would be eligible to ride in following races - and would want to include her - cannot as she has already competed for another Team. The rider would benefit, by coaching and financial support, by being included in that Region/Division Team and it would be wrong to deny the rider the chance to become involved in a regular Team.

In this case it is expected, and required, that the rider be introduced to their Region/Division team and cease being a member of the Impsport Composite Team; of course, points gained by that rider shall stay with the original Team and not be transferred to the new Team.

Where a Region/Division shall have enough riders to field two Teams - say an 'A' and 'B' Team - then transfers from the 'B' Team to the 'A' Team shall be allowed as a motivational method but staying within the ethos and spirit of the Team Series. If it is considered that this method is being used for purposes other than as an incentive then an adjudication shall be made by the Series originators.

It is hoped that there will be an appearance of more Region/Division Teams in 2002; Regions/Divisions could organise training weekends through the winter in order to develop the knowledge of their riders, foster team spirit and make the riders more tactically aware.

It is expected that Regions/Divisions will appoint a person whose remit shall be Women's Racing and that person will be responsible for the teams selected for the Team Series; it is also expected that Regions/Divisions will supply race jerseys to all team members, pay entry fees and some travel expenses

Applications to organise a Women's Team Race Series event should be made on the usual BCF forms but, in order to avoid clashes in the women's race calendar, please contact Jon Miles before September this year.