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Whilst the Series officials calculate the results of the final round, which was the TQ Papers 2 day (click here to see race write-up), it is clear that for the second year running, Team Luciano will be announced as winners. 

The series is sponsored in 2004 by Luciano Cycles, the owner of which runs both men's and women's teams in addition to this sponsorship. Team changes during the winter 2003/2004 built upon the strength already possessed in riders such as leader Dianne Moss, Sharon Padley, Ruth Gamwell and Kim Blythe. The addition of Helen Gutteridge and Jeanette Tebbutt could only make Team Luciano the strongest club team in the UK. There are new names in the line-up too - which is always welcome when one remembers that the roots of the Team Series are3 in giving novices and lesser-ability riders the opportunity to impact on the overall result by making all riders' results count in the final count. 

Surrey League have truly taken the Team Series concept on and each year have multiple teams entered in the series, including older riders, slower riders and younger riders. Previous winners of the Series, they are a continual reminder of the efforts made in Surrey to encourage women's cycling, evidenced by the winter series of coaching courses and training rides which they run.


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