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Danny Boy Womens International 2 Day Stage Race 2004 - Promoted by Roe Valley Cycling Club

Series Sponsor :  Luciano Cycles

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Roisin Kennedy - Cycling Ireland, held of the attacks on her leaders jersey on the last stage of the Danny Boy International stage race held in Limavady, Northern Ireland to claim the biggest win of her career by a mere 39 seconds over second placed Helen Gutteridge - Team Luciano. When the riders lined up in better weather to cover the 7 laps of the Carrowclare circuit that would give them a distance of 40 miles, there was only one plan for the strong 4 rider Cycling Ireland and that was to hold onto the leaders jersey. The other main teams had to attack and either hope to get away or pick up the vital bonus seconds on the 3 special sprint laps to make late changes to the general classification. And attacks did go but the lure of those bonus seconds meant that nothing stayed away for very long as the Irish, Dutch and Luciano teams watched each other. The first sprint with 3 laps covered was taken by Helen Gutteridge - Team Luciano and it looked as if an attack on the leader was taking shape; the next sprint came but Gutteridge was unable to come around Collette Swift - Team Ireland and Sanne Hokke - Team Bianchi-Holland so had to settle for 3rd place. On the far side of the circuit there was a serious crash that sent Anne Watson and June Walker - East Midlands Division to the tarmac and although June was able to get up Anne was taken to the local hospital being diagnosed as severe bruising and not the feared broken hip. As the final few bends came and went the bunch was steadying itself for the inevitable bunch gallop when Marlous Spargaaren sprung from the field to hammer away in the lead which she held easing up as she crossed the line; Helen Gutteridge led home the bunch as expected but Cycling Ireland had done enough to take the Danny Boy stage race. "With a strong team although only 4 riders, the plan going in to the race was to win overall", explained a delighted Roisin Kennedy as she put on the yellow jersey. "We didn't think we would pull off the team prize - which we did - my win yesterday was just part of our plan to keep attacking knowing that one of us would get away and that is what happened, it paid of". "Today all we had to defend was the yellow jersey - we also held the points jersey so we needed to defend that as well; it was a lot as there were only 4 of us". Roisin went on to say that the Women's Commission in Ireland has made a huge difference to women's racing there; "I have come on a lot over the last 2 years", she said "they are very supportive and there are a few good people there who are really pushing women's cycling, encouraging us to come to these top events and we will certainly be going to the TQ Papers stage race in September".



Team Classification

Team Points
Cycling Ireland 230
Team Bianchi-Holland 218
Orewell Wheelers 215
Team Luciano-Fondriest A 208
Cycling Ulster 149
District Noord 133
Letchworth Velo 112
Surrey League A 104
Central Division 101
West Midlands Division A 86



1.Roisin Kennedy Cycling Ireland 3hrs 57 mins 40 secs

2.Helen Gutteridge Team Lucaino at 39 secs

3. Collette Swift Cycling Ireland same time

4. Julie O'Hagan Cycling Ireland at 48 secs

5. Kate Cullen Letchworth Velo Club at 49 secs

6. Siobhan Dervan Team Ireland at 52 secs

7. Stephanie Kortekaas Team Bianchi-Holland at 53 secs

8. Kate Ruud Orwell Wheelers at 54 secs

9. Sharon Padley Team Luciano at 58 secs

10. Sanne Hokke Team Bainchi-Holland at 60 secs


Junior Award Kimberly Blythe Team Luciano

Veteran Award Sharon Padley Team Lucaino

Points Comp Collette Swift Cycling Ireland







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