Race Results

Sid Patterson Grand Prix

Women's 12 lap Points Handicap

Women's 10 lap Motorpace

W15/W17 8 lap Scratch

Vodaphone Arena, Melbourne



Women's Points Handicap

Avoiding a crash, caused by inexperienced riders, which took out several riders as they joined the track, Jessica Tanner dominated the evening's racing at Vodaphone Arena. She and VIS team-mate, Apryl Eppinger were clearly amongst the strongest riders. As has been the case at all 2003-2004 Cyclists International events at Vodaphone, the Fortress / Banana Flooring team were also strong - their numbers also impacting upon race tactics. Unfortunately, Michelle Rowe (Leongatha) was unable to restart after the accident at the start.

1 Jessica Tanner 15 points
2 Emma Waldron 8 points
3 Claire Schneider 7 points


Women's Motorpace

The action was fast - the riders vied for position before the derny left the track and wound it up for the 2 laps they did on their own. Again, the Fortress / Banana Flooring team worked together, but were not strong enough to deny Jessica Tanner the win

1 Jessica Tanner
2 Apryl Eppinger
3 Gemma Kenessy


W15/W17 Scratch Race

1 Tess Downing
2 Erin Peoples
3 Georgina Freeland


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