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Great Britain Road Race

The road race podium for 2004 was the same as 2003. After a year of no racing due to a knee injury at the back end of last year and surgery this year, Nicole Cooke sent a message to fellow Olympics competitors - she is back........

The event took place in the rain and cold near Newport, in Wales. Early on, there was a crash, but the favourites were able to avoid it. The three medallists broke away from the rest of the field early - on the first climb of the hill, in fact and stayed away for the rest of the race. 

Cooke and silver medallist, Rachel Heal managed to drop the less experienced Vicky Pincombe on the climbs, but she came back to them on the descents. Eventually, though, it was too much and she was dropped for the last time. 

The event comprised a main course, then laps of a finishing circuit. It wasn't until the final lap of the finishing circuit that Nicole Cooke made her move, but when she did, it was brutal. She gained a minute on Heal and took her fifth British road title. 

The top ten comprised riders who had represented Great Britain in the past 12 months apart from Emma Silversides and Michelle Ward, who has come back from retirement.




Time / Gap
1 Nicole Cooke 3.13.33
2 Rachel Heal 59 sec
3 Vicky Pincombe 6.43
4 Emma Davies 13.3
5 Lorna Webb 13.43
6 Emma Silversides 13.46
7 Wendy Houvenaghel 13.51
8 Sara Symington same
9 Michele Ward same
10 Charlotte Goldsmith same