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Canada Road Race

Lyne Bessette, riding for Team Québec, today won the Canadian Bicycle Road Race Championship, in front of her teammate Manon Jutras and Team RONA's Erinne Willock.

The Canadian Road Championship was held in Kamloops, B.C. The race consisted of 12 laps of a 10-kilometre course with one major climb. The climb operated an early selection in the field, as Bessette, Jutras, Willock and Sue Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba) dropped the rest of the pack on the very first climb. The rest of the field quickly exploded and a chase group of six to eight racers formed behind the four leaders.

In the fifth lap, Jutras launched an attack and Bessette was the only one to respond. The pair distanced Willock and Palmer-Komar, who stayed together for the remainder of the race. As the two leaders climbed the hill for the 12th and last time of the day, Bessette attacked and dropped Jutras and rode to victory. A few minutes later, it was Willock's turn to attack Palmer-Komar in the climb and take the third step on the podium.

" I'm happy with my race", said Erinne Willock after the finish. "Lyne and Manon raced super hard and there was nothing we could do against them today. Sue had a great race as well, I sat on her wheel a good deal, and I'm not sure she gave it all she could when I attacked her in the end", concluded RONA's youngest rider.


Posn Name Province Team Time Gap
1 Lynn Bessette QC Equipe du Quebec 3:35:09 00:00.0
2 Manon Jutras QC Equipe du Quebec 3:36:38 01:29.0
3 Erinne Willock BC Rona 3:41:21 06:12.0
4 Susan Palmer-komar ON Genesis Scuba/FFCC 3:42:42 07:33.0
5 Nicole Demars OR Victory Brewing 3:50:52 15:43.0
6 Sara Neil BC Trek/Broadway Dental 3:50:52 15:43.0
7 Amy Moore ON Quark 3:50:52 15:43.0
8 Leigh Hobson ON Biovail/Cervelo 3:50:52 15:43.0
9 Sarah Noble BC Rocky Mountain Business O 3:50:52 15:43.0
10 Anne Samplonius QC Equipe du Quebec 3:50:52 15:43.0
11 Genevieve Jeanson AR Rona 3:56:26 21:17.0
12 Pamela Egger BC Escape Velocity
13 Christine Fletcher BC Team Coastal
14 Marg Fedyna AB Independent
15 Gina Grain BC Victory Brewing
16 Merrill Collins ON La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
17 Felicia Greer CA Webcor Builders Womens Cycling Team
18 Catharine Pendrel BC Oak Bay Cycles
19 Maria Lee BC Team BC
20 Jessica Demars AB Bianchi - The Biek Shop
21 Julie Hutsebaut QC Terry Precision Cycling Team
22 Tara Ross ON McMaster Cycling Club
23 Sandra Walter BC Kappa
24 Rhonda Guzda ON Biovail/Cervelo
25 Barbara Zimich BC Team Coastal
26 Susan Smith BC AC Lyon Vaisse
27 Christina Briante BC Petra-Uans-Orbea
28 Marni Prazsky BC Symmetircs Cycling
29 Anna Garnett ON Biovail/Cervelo
30 Kathy White AB Team Alberta
31 Angella Goran BC Oak Bay Cycles
32 Alena Radomsky BC Oak Bay Cycles
Diana Bladon AB Oak Bay Cycles DNF
Jillian Chown YT Cycling Association of Yukon DNF
Nanci Dodman ON Biovail/Cervelo DNF
Julia Farell ON Bioval/Cervelo DNF
Holland Gidney ON McMaster Cycling Club DNF
Leah Guloien BC Team BC DNF
Melissa Kerr BC DNS
Moriah Macgregor Jo Team BC DNF
Suzanne Macht BC KAPPA DNF
Samantha Nicholson AB Team Bianchi - The Bike Shop DNS