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Jayco Bay Classic Series 2004

Race 1 - Hastings    Race 2 - Portarlington    Race 3 - Geelong  

Race 4 - Geelong    Race 5 - Docklands    Overall Classification after Race 4

Race 4 - Geelong - 45 minutes

The weather was good for today's race. Sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20's. The headwind was in the back half of the course today. The course was the same as that used last year - based around Geelong's Botanic Gardens. With a downhill away from the start line and a sweeping turn to the back straight, the start was always going to be fast. The riders then went up an innocuous-looking drag into the headwind, before dropping down to the narrow and tight left-hander, which immediately rose into a sharp climb with a sweeping left bend at the top leading back to the start / finish area. Today's TV lap was done by Olivia Gollan - look out for it on (Australia's) Channel 10 review of the race on January 18th.

The start was the cause of trouble today. Before crossing the line, 4 riders were down. They were given a lap out though and rejoined without any trouble. 

A lap after the first sprint, Francis Newstead went out alone. She was there for 3 laps, before being brought back by Rochelle Gilmore. The decisive break then went -  Helen Kelly and Natalie Bates, joined a 2 laps later by Alexis Rhodes. The three stayed away and were  joined by the other GB rider in the race, Sara Symington and Rochelle Gilmore. 

With about 15 minutes of racing left, the leading 5 were 40 seconds ahead of the bunch, with Naomi Williams in between the two groups on her own - 20 seconds from each.  The bunch let her go and although she was strong enough to stay away, she was not able to close any further.

With three laps to go, the lead had extended to almost a minute and on the bell lap, the leaders were 54 seconds ahead of the bunch. Naomi Williams was  still in the middle of the two groups, 24 seconds down on the leading 5.

The uphill sprint for the win was fiercely contested, but Gilmore got it from Rhodes, Symington was third. Helen Kelly came in 4th, ahead of Natalie Bates, who coasted in, having worked hard in the last few laps to protect race winner Gilmore. Barring accidents, Naomi Williams was assured of 6th, which she took happily. The bunch sprint was important - the relative positions of series leader Rutherford and chaser, just one point behind Wood being built up by the commentators as important - which indeed it was. 

Wood won the sprint and was 7th; Rutherford was 8th on the stage. This put them equal on points - 31 each. A count-back to previous placings was used to decide the leader for the final race. By 1 position, Rutherford retained her pink leader's jersey. She has a 1st and a 2nd, whilst Wood has a 1st and a 3rd. 

The final race leaves all to go for - Rutherford and Wood are equal on 31 points, but Gilmore is still in contention with 27 points. If the other two let her get away again today, then she could sneak the series..... 

Race 5 is at Docklands, Melbourne

 Race time : 10:30am

RESULTS - Race 4


 Rochelle Gilmore



 Alexis Rhodes



 Sara Symington

GB team


 Helen Kelly 



 Natalie Bates



Photos - Race 4
Day4-01-Warmup.jpg (28432 bytes) Day4-02-TVLap.jpg (36787 bytes) Day4-03-Start01.jpg (34828 bytes) Day4-04-Start02.jpg (37454 bytes)
Warming up on rollers at the side of the course Olivia Gollan's TV lap The bunch rolls out for the start More rollout
Day4-05-Start03.jpg (35571 bytes) Day4-06-Bay.jpg (36804 bytes) Day4-07-Bunch.jpg (39157 bytes) Day4-08-Newstead.jpg (37852 bytes)
Start line crash Beautiful course - looking over the bay The bunch - early race Newstead corners ahead of the bunch
Day4-09-Bunch01.jpg (39451 bytes) Day4-10-Bunch02.jpg (43070 bytes) Day4-11-Bunch03.jpg (25288 bytes) Day4-12-Rutherford.jpg (37007 bytes)
New South Wales corner Emma James leads Elizabeth Williams More cornering action Wood leads Rutherford
Day4-13-RutherfordMactierWood.jpg (39749 bytes) Day4-14-Hill01.jpg (24487 bytes) Day4-15-Hill02.jpg (36680 bytes) Day4-16-Hill03.jpg (37985 bytes)
Wood, Rutherford & Mactier The leaders on the hill The bunch decides to let Natalie Bates go Wood leads Rutherford (again) in the bunch
Day4-17-Hill04.jpg (29444 bytes) Day4-18-Leaders1laptogo.jpg (25943 bytes) Day4-19-RhodesSymingtonSprint.jpg (37849 bytes) Day4-20-SymingtonSprint.jpg (28891 bytes)
Leaders on the hill (2) Leaders go through with 1 to go Sprint - Rhodes and Symington Symington in full flight
Day4-21-BatesSprint.jpg (33998 bytes) Day4-22-Sprint01.jpg (32039 bytes) Day4-23-Sprint02.jpg (33014 bytes)
Bates coasts in Sprint for 7th l-r Rutherford, Wright, Wood Sprint for 7th : Wright & Wood

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Overall Classification after Race 4

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
1=  Hayley Rutherford WA 10 12 6 3 31
1=  Oenone Wood ACT 12 8 7 4 31
3  Rochelle Gilmore NSW 5 10 12 27
4=  Alison Wright ACT 4 7 5 2 18
4=  Emma James NSW 6 12 18