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Jayco Bay Classic Series 2004

Race 1 - Hastings    Race 2 - Portarlington    Race 3 - Geelong

Race 4 - Geelong    Race 5 - Docklands

Race 1 - Hastings - 45 minutes

On a cold summers day, Race 1 of the 2004 series took place in the rain. It was very heavy at times and was blown in on a strong wind which made the course very hard going just after the start / finish area. Straight into the headwind, after a tight left hand corner also meant uphill along an energy-sapping drag. The course was amended for all races for safety reasons due to the wet weather, but this did not stop several riders falling - some more than once - including 3 of the 4 race leaders with just 8 laps to go.

Before the race started, Hayley Rutherford took (Australia's) Channel 10 TV motorbike camera on a lap of the circuit - watch out for it on Sports Tonight........ 

The race was split up by intermediate sprints at 15 minutes and 30 minutes. By 30 minutes, the break was well away and gaining on the bunch, which was not quite in sight to be lapped, but getting close.

With 8 laps to go, three of the leaders fell, causing them to have a lap out before being 'collected' by the only member of the breakaway to stay upright. Had they all gone down things might have been very different, although by this stage of the race, the 4 were close to catching and lapping the main group anyway. 

The sprint for the minor places was dominated by Kate Nichols, followed in by a group led in by Rochelle Gilmore. There was a crash at the back of the circuit with 8 riders falling. This disrupted the middle places, with many riders coasting in - happy to have survived. 

Day 2 sees the action move to Portarlington, race time 12:30pm.



Oenone Wood

2 Hayley Rutherford WA
3 Olivia Gollan NSW
4 Emma Rickards VIC
5 Kate Nichols  NSW


Photos - Race 1

Day1-01-TVlap01.jpg (33058 bytes) Day1-02-TVlap02.jpg (28096 bytes) Day1-03-EarlyLap01.jpg (28361 bytes) Day1-04-EarlyLap02.jpg (29166 bytes)
TV lap Commentary for Channel 10 Early action Early action
Day1-05-EarlyLap03.jpg (31460 bytes) Day1-06-EarlyLap04.jpg (25497 bytes) Day1-07-HeadwindHill01.jpg (27371 bytes) Day1-08-HeadwindHill02.jpg (27365 bytes)
Early action The headwind straight and a long drag.... The headwind straight and a long drag.... The headwind straight and a long drag....
Day1-09-MidRace01.jpg (32245 bytes) Day1-10-MidRace02.jpg (32232 bytes) Day1-11-MidRace03.jpg (25017 bytes) Day1-12-MidRace04.jpg (27829 bytes)
Early breakaways were brought back Bunch action Treacherous corners on the rain-soaked course Mid-race bunch
Day1-13-LapOut.jpg (32757 bytes) Day1-14-BunchLateAction01.jpg (26583 bytes) Day1-15-BunchLateAction02.jpg (29342 bytes) Day1-16-Leaders3togo.jpg (34147 bytes)
Lap out for the leaders at 8 to go Late race action Late race action Leaders with 3 to go
Day1-17-BunchSprint-5th.jpg (30420 bytes) Day1-18-BunchSprint-6th-8th.jpg (33121 bytes) Day1-19-LeadersSprint.jpg (27443 bytes) Day1-20-LeadersSprint02.jpg (32267 bytes)
Sprint for 6-7-8 Sprint for 1-2-3 Up close
Day1-21-Rickards-4th.jpg (29791 bytes) Day1-22-PostRace.jpg (29534 bytes)
4th Place - Emma Rickards Post Race interview for Oenone Wood

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