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Commonwealth Youth Games

November 30th - December 4th


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Track Day 3

The Australian domination of the top step of the podium was broken in the penultimate women's event in the Games. With the sprint rounds going 1 each to Jennifer Loutit and Bridgette Broad, there was everything to go for in the third round ride-off. It was excitement all the way, as the pair wound it up in the final lap. Loutit looked to have the gold medal sewn up, but Broad was not in the mood to give up easily. She went the long way around the Australian and on the line, it went to the camera.

The judges took several minutes to separate the riders - looking at the finish frame by frame. As the riders rolled around slowly, chatting, it was announced that Broad was the winner of the round and therefore winner of the gold medal. This meant that for the first time at the Tom Flood velodrome that the crowd would hear anything apart from "Advance Australia Fair". Broad was delighted - her grin went from ear to ear and lasted throughout the ceremony and beyond. Speaking to WomensCycling.net, she was delighted to have won, when told that she had broken the Australian domination, her smiled widened, if possible. Jennifer Loutit was disappointed to have lost the gold, but admitted that it was difficult to be disappointed with a silver medal and anyway, "there's still the Keirin to come".

Jessica Tanner recovered from riding her bike into the fencing whilst looking over the wrong shoulder on Thursday night, taking a nasty looking tumble, to take bronze from Kiwi, Kathryn Jones.

In the repechage for place 5-8, the racing was stopped and Kim Blythe (Eng) relegated for unfairly blocking another rider. She took the Malaysian rider, Raszatul Zanariah Md. Yusof, up the banking and around slowly, whilst Catherine Curtis and Jo Tindley had their own race, further around the track. After the restart, Tindley easily took the line, followed by Yusof and then Curtis. Tindley's 200m time was 13.70seconds.


1   Bridgette Broad (NZ)

2  Jennifer Loutit (Aus)

3  Jessica Tanner (Aus)

4   Kathryn Jones (Wal)

5   Jo Tindley (Eng)

6   Raszatul Zanariah Md. Yusof (May)

7   Catherine Curtis (Wal)

Bridgette Broad had a busy Games, but the sprint competition was where she really came into her own. The only non-Australian gold medal winner on the track told WomensCycling.net that her win was "Wicked. I am so stoked. After the first two rounds, I was just so happy to win because Jenny and I have raced before and we're usually pretty close. It was great to get the win. I am just glad that we'll get to hear the New Zealand national anthem." Asked about the wait for the judges decision, she told WomensCycling.net "I've never been in that situation before. I didn't have any clue who had got it. I was just grinding to the end and I threw my bike and just hoped it was me." The pair of Loutit and Broad had ridden around the track chatting whilst waiting for the decision. What had they talked about? "We thought they might give us both a gold medal if it was a dead heat and re-mix our National anthems", she joked, "We just chatted about  random stuff"

Jennifer Loutit was silver medal winner by a whisker "She's shown before that she can come around me at the end and she did it again. It was just so close though. I'm a little disappointed. I would have liked to have 2 gold medals but any medal's good.


Jennifer Loutit took the gold in this, the last event of the programme at the Bendigo 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games. In commanding style, she was active at the front of the race after the motorbike left the track and although not easily, she clearly had the strength to take the race for the line. Speaking to her afterwards, she told WomensCycling.net that the win was more than consolation for her earlier second place in the sprint. She was "really pleased to have won the last event for Australia". She added "It was good to beat Skye-Lee Armstrong too - "I've raced her most other times I've ridden the Keirin and she's beaten me, so its good, even though she's an Australian"

Skye-Lee Armstrong took her second silver of the day and possibly the medal for selflessness too - having worked for Amanda Spratt to take gold in the road and race and this evening to help Loutit to gold in the Keirin. Uracca Leow Hoay Sim from Malaysia showed some more of her skill and power in the longer track events by taking bronze.


Posn Name                     Country      
1 Jennifer Loutit Australia
2 Skye-Lee Armstrong Australia
3 Uracca Leow Hoay Sim Malaysia
4 Kathryn Jones New Zealand
5 Jo Tindley England
6 Ruszaful Zanariah MD. Yousof Malaysia

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