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Commonwealth Youth Games

November 30th - December 4th


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Track Day 2

Events on the schedule for Thursday were :

Pursuit Final

Scratch Race - 7.5km

Sprints Qualifying



The pursuit title was taken by Bianca Rogers (Aus) over Jo Tindley from England. Speaking to WomensCycling.net afterwards, Rogers explained that she was in Bendigo specifically to focus upon the pursuit. Tindley on the other hand was relatively surprised to be in Bendigo, having qualified for her place in the team by virtue of a good performance in recent races in the UK.

Bronze went to Paddy Walker from New Zealand. She beat Amy Hunt in their ride-off race.

1     Bianca Rogers Aus     2:40:11

2     Jo Tindley          Eng    2:46:09

3     Paddy Walker   NZ     

4     Amy Hunt

WomensCycling.net caught up with Bianca Rogers after the medal presentation. She has ridden a full track programme, but admitted that "I was here aiming to win the pursuit. The pursuit is my main event. The scratch race, points race and the road are all for training." This gold comes on the heels of a silver in the Junior World Championships in Los Angeles in August. Asked about whether she was surprised to win the pursuit, she replied "I am surprised in a way because I'm going through "base" training at the moment. I just changed coaches and I've been heaps and heaps of long rides. You come out of 'base' really flat, so for me to win the pursuit is great, but I also know that the training's paying off." 

For the rest of the season, Bianca will be "returning to Adelaide and training through December. January will be the Bay Series and the Tour Down Under criteriums. Then the track Nationals will be a big event, they're a selection event for the Junior Worlds. I would like to qualify for the Worlds. There's six months between Nationals and the Worlds, so I can have a week off after the Nationals and then really peak for the Worlds." 

Her view on the Games was "I happy to be here. I didn't think there would be so many other countries; maybe just Australia and New Zealand, maybe Malaysia. But with England here too, there's quite a bit of competition."

Speaking after the event, Jo Tindley told WomensCycling.net "I'm chuffed, I wasn't expecting to get a pursuit medal. I came out here more for the Points Race, but I blew up - I had nothing left, so I must have tried harder than I thought in the pursuit."

About the Games in general, Tindley told WomensCycling.net that "I am enjoying the Games. I didn't know until recently that I was coming. I did well at the senior Nationals (UK) and was invited. I am absolutely over the moon about it." The English team have had some problems adjusting to the heat of the Australian summer, although Bendigo has been kinder to the Northern Hemisphere riders. "We spent a week in Melbourne and that was seriously hot. I was struggling 'big time' in the heat. I couldn't cope. Here (Bendigo) is much nicer, especially in the evenings. Its a bit on the nippy side, but its good weather."


Scratch Race - 7.5km

On Wednesday, Skye-Lee Armstrong was overjoyed to have taken silver in the points race, 24 hours later, she was the gold medal winner in the scratch race.  Having taken some time this afternoon to sleep off her jet-lag, Sky-Lee certainly turned herself around for the evening's racing. 

In a 20 lap race where Australia dominated, she told WomensCycling.net that the Australians had not planned to do so well in the race. They were, it seemed, the only ones interested in racing at the front. Bianca Rogers completed a successful evening with a silver and Bridgette Broad from New Zealand made a return trip to the podium in this track series to collect her bronze medal.

Skye-Lee Armstrong told WomensCycling.net that "I am pretty happy tonight. I was a bit disappointed last night, I didn't have the legs, but it came together today, so I'm pretty happy. We had good teamwork, but it made it more difficult." (In the sprint for the line,) "I didn't want to go up because my team-mate, Amanda Spratt was there, so I chose to go underneath and it paid off, it was really good. To have Australia 1-2 again - you can't get much better than that!" Sky-Lee is the only Australian on the Friday track programme who is also competing in the Road Race in the morning. "Endurance legs in the morning and then sprinter's legs. I will have a sleep after lunch and then back to the track for the Keirin".


Posn Name Nation
1 Skye-Lee Armstrong Australia
2 Bianca Rogers Australia
3 Bridgette Broad New Zealand
4 Kim Blythe England
5 Nikki Harris England
6 Rachel Ball Wales
7 Jo Tindley England
8 Magdalene Nicholson South Africa
9 Uracca Leow Hoay Sim Malaysia
10 Lauren Webb New Zealand
11 Amy Hunt England
12 Catherine Curtis Wales
13 Amanda Spratt Australia
14 Fatehah Bt. Mustapa Malaysia
15 Kathryn Jones New Zealand
16 Jessica Tanner Australia
17 Paddy Walker New Zealand
18 Raszatul Zanariah Md. Yusof Malaysia


Sprint Qualifying

There were some tactical heats in the sprint qualifying. The riders used the whole of the track and were not afraid to move each other around the banking. Unfortunate ride of the evening went to Jessica Tanner (Aus) against Jo Tindley (Eng). As the pair went around the back straight on the final lap, Tanner moved up, glanced over her left shoulder and veered further upwards. She caught her handlebars on the fence and tumbled off her bike. A confused Jo Tindley rode around, unsure of what to do. As it was, there was a restart. Tanner, with some thigh showing through the large hole in her shorts took the heat. 

Tanner's victory meant an all Australian semi final between her and Jennifer Loutit and an all 'kiwi' other semi, between Bridgette Broad and Jennifer Jones. 

Through to the final are Jennifer Loutit and Bridget Broad, whilst Tanner and Jones ride-off for bronze.



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