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Commonwealth Youth Games

November 30th - December 4th


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Time Trial

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First gold of the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games went to England - with Ian Stannard winning the boy's 25km time trial. First gold for Australia went to Amanda Spratt - she won the girl's 10km time trial by 14 seconds from Paddy Walker of New Zealand.

On a warm morning, which didn't have too much wind at the start / finish line, the riders faced the timekeeper for the first event of the Games. The course was rolling and although the road twisted slightly, it was not technical. 

There were just 14 competitors in the time trial, although only 13 made it to the start line, there was a DNS (Did Not Start) on the day. As soon as the last rider, Amanda Spratt had left, it was time for the sizeable crowd to peer down the road outside the Tom Flood Sports Centre for the return of first rider Uracca Leow Hoay Sim from Malaysia.

Paddy Walker looked smooth as she left the start ramp and again on the tight right-hander back into the start / finish road. Spratt did not look to be fastest, but looks can be deceiving as the result showed. Third place and bronze medal went to Amy Harris of England.

After the medal ceremony, Amanda Spratt was surrounded by local schoolchildren waiting for autographs. Even Australian Team Manager, Petria Thomas (Athens 2004 swimmer) was spotted in the crowd by the knowledgeable youngsters for her signature.

Speaking to WomensCycling.net, Spratt who comes from Springwood, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, was pleased with her ride. She had found it to be tough in both directions on what was an out-and-back course. She told WomensCycling.net that "it was a tough course which suited strong riders. The course was undulating without smooth roads and the wind was a big factor too - with a headwind on the way out." She went on to say that she had "just pushed through that and that she had looked forward to turning around and returning with the tailwind.

Amanda will be riding the track on Wednesday and also the Road Race on Friday.


Posn Name                     Country       Actual Time
1 Amanda Spratt AUSTRALIA 15:48.9
2 Paddy Walker NEW ZEALAND 16:02.4
3 Amy Hunt ENGLAND 16:20.9
4 Nikki Harris ENGLAND 16:36.1
5 Bianca Rodgers AUSTRALIA 16:36.7
6 Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MALAYSIA 17:08.3
7 Lauten O'Neill ISLE OF MAN 17:17.1
8 Cherise Taylor SOUTH AFRICA 17:25.2
9 Arien Tortius SOUTH AFRICA 17:25.2
10 Jeannie Binnermann SOUTH AFRICA 17:44.6
11 Jessica Tanner AUSTRALIA 18:20.8
12 Erica Olfield AUSTRALIA 18:53.9
13 Magdalene Nicholson SOUTH AFRICA 18:57.0


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