Race Results

Rotterdam World Cup event

Rotterdam - Netherlands


First results just in from Rotterdam - last event in the 2003 World Cup. As last week's Nurnberg event, a bunch of about 70 riders were all awarded the same time. Of course the World Cup winner is already known, but this event will sort the lower position riders.

Chantel Beltman of Team Acca Due won this week's event. Her teammate and Nurnberger winner, Diana Zilute was second with Lithuanian Ljunskog third.


Place Name Time
1 BELTMAN, Chantal 3:26:46
2 ZILIUTE, Diana  Same Time
3 LJUNGSKOG, Susanne  Same Time
4 SCHLEICHER, Regina  Same Time
5 SCHMIDT-HENNES, Tanja  Same Time
6 GILMORE, Rochelle  Same Time
7 BELVEDERESI, Tania  Same Time
8 VALEN, Anita  Same Time
9 MELCHERS, Mirjam  Same Time
10 MARSHAL, Catherine  Same Time


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