Race Results

World Cup - Geelong, Australia

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

UCI 2.9.2 - 120km

Katie Mactier celebrated her win in the first World Cup event of 2003 too early and lost it....... She was just raising her arms in salute of her victory when Sara Carrigan, still in full flight overtook and claimed glory 

A group of seven riders stayed away for the entire event, which was laps of an 8km circuit - hardly believing their luck. Third place was taken by Judith Arndt, who was not as strong as the other at the end of the day. 

Smiles all 'round, though tinged with a lesson learnt for Mactier, the Geelong Women's World Cup proved the organisation proud. This followed from the Geelong Women's Tour last weekend and both events plugged a gap in the calendar after the demise of the Tour De Snowy due to lack of sponsorship.


1 	Sara	Carrigan	 	Power Plate Bik                 	3hr 10min 05sec
2 	Katie	Mactier	 	VIS			Same time
3 	Judith	Arndt	 	Nürnberger		Same time
4 	Melisa	Holt	 	New Zealand		Same time
5 	Kristen	Armstrong	T Mobile			Same time


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