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Vuelta Ciclista Castilla Y Leon    


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Stage 3 Aranda de Duero - Aranda de Duero 93 kilometres

The final stage of this race was taken by Zoulfia Zabirova - Prato Marathon Bike, which also gave he the stage race win outright.

Needing just 6 seconds to take the overall lead, Zabirova had attacked to cross the line 9 seconds before Erika Vilunaite - Austra Gruodis, with the rest of the main bunch at 17 seconds.

Head and shoulders above the rest of the GB team, Rachel Heal rode intelligently and was always in the places to keep within the top of the GC table.

Nicole Cooke made sure of her mountain title and also a high G.C finish; the field now look forward to Sunday's World Cup event at Castilla Leon.


1. Zoulfia Zabirova Prato Marathon Bike 2 hrs 18 mins 40 secs

2. Erika Vilunaite Austra Gruodis at 9 secs

3. Anita Valen Bik Powerplate at 17 secs

4. Mirjam Melchers Farm Frites same

5. Rochele Gilmore Austra Gruodis same

6. Susanne Ljungskog Team Catalunya same

7. Nicole Cooke Austra Gruodis same

13. Rachel Heal GB same

25. Emma Davies GB same

44. Charlotte Goldsmith GB at 50 secs

48. Frances Newstead GB at 2 mins 23 secs

102 Penny Edwards GB at 8 mins 28 secs



1. Zoulfia Zabirova Prato Marathon Bike

2. Mirjam Melchers Farm Frites

3. Susanne Ljungskog Team Catalunya

4. Nicole Cooke Austra Gruodis

11. Rachel Heal GB

31. Emma Davies GB


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