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WomensCycling.net Team Series 2 - Letchworth Velo Event

Keysoe, Bedfordshire, UK 

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Gutteridge wins Taylor & Harris Sanders, Nainby & Boyd
Helen Gutteridge - winner Taylor   Harris Sanders+Nainby+Boyd
H Gutteridge receives her prize from Lorraine Enderby Dianne Moss Helen Summers
Gutteridge-1st Moss-3rd Summers-5th
Vannessa Frith East Midlands - 2nd overall Surrey - 3rd overall
Frith-6th EastMidlands-2nd Surrey-3rd

65 km

Helen Gutteridge - East Midlands, led the 23 rider bunch all the way up Mill Hill at Keysoe to win the second round of the Women's Team Race Series sponsored by www.womenscycling and the Post Office Sports Foundation; Lorna Webb - Life Repair was second by half a wheel with Diane Moss - Team Luciano, in third.

43 riders got away in fresh conditions on a course that saw its first women's race in 1974; Angela Dolan punctured after only 4 miles and although she fought her way back she was dropped further on never to regain the bunch with the bunch content to see what the circuit was like.

On the second of the 10 mile laps, Sharon Padley - Team Luciano, had the race lined out for 2 miles but could not get away; next to try was Rebecca Milburn - Evans CRT but with Susan Carter - Terry Dolan at the front, she was not allowed too much space. Onto the hill for the third time and 11 riders got dropped; Jeanette Tebbutt - Team Letchworth, attacked hard and was free for 1 mile but it was Gutteridge, Webb and Carter who led the bunch to chase her down.

On the final lap and the race held together until the final ascent of Mill Hill that saw Gutteridge at the front defying anyone to get past her for a super win.

41 riders finished and Team Luciano were placed top team on the day followed by East Midlands and Surrey League

Team Result

1. Team Luciano 243 points

2. East Midlands Division 179 points

3. Surrey League 155 points

4. Yorkshire 150 points

5. Evans CRT 148 points

6. Team Letchworth-Extran 132 points

7. Terry Dolan.com 87 points

8. Team Milton Keynes 82 points

9. Impsport Composite 74 points

10. Life Repair 59 points

10. GS Strada 57 points

12. Giant RT 54 points

13. Pearce Cycles 52 points

14. CC Luton 46 points

15. James Hay Racing 44 points

16. Fareham Wheelers 29 points

17. Peleton 26 points

18. Team Walton 25 points


Individual Results

1. Helen Gutteridge East Midlands Division                     1 hr 43 mins 40 secs

2. Lorna Webb Life Repair CRT 

3. Diane Moss Team Luciano 

4. Michele Ward GS Strada 

5. Heather Summers East Midlands Division 

6. Vanessa Frith Yorkshire 

7. Katie Middlehurst Giant RT 

8. Nicola Taylor Impsport Composite Team                      @1 second

9. Nikki Harris Pearce Cycles 

10. Catherine Hare Team Luciano 

11. Allison Butler Evans CRT 

12. Ruth Gamwell Team Luciano 

13. Melanie Sears Terry Dolan.com 

14. Hsu Min Surrey League 

15. Julie O'Hagan CC Luton 

16. Karen Lovatt Team Luciano 

17. Helen Saunders James Hay Racing 

18. Angela Nainby Surrey League 

19. Mary Boyd Team Letchworth-Extran 

20. Sarah Gill Yorkshire 

21. Sharon Padley Team Luciano 

22. Susan Carter Terry Dolan.com 

23. Jeanette Tebbutt Team Letchworth-Extran 

24. Karen Grant Team Milton Keynes                 @ 3 mins 58 secs

25. Rachel Rowan East Midlands Division 

26. Rebecca Milburn Evans CRT 

27. Trudy Else Surrey League 

28. Caroline Goward Evans CRT 

29. Rachel Hobson Yorkshire 

30. Abigail Armstrong Surrey 

31. Hannah Reynolds Evans CRT                                 @ 5min 36secs

32. Caroline Marshall Fareham Wheelers                    @ 6min 03secs

33. Suzanne Hamilton Team Letchworth - Extran         @ 8min 05 secs

34. Gabby Day East Midlands Division                         @ 8min 40 secs

35. Helen Gregory Peleton 

36. Nikki Hughes Team Walton 

37. Ros Clitheroe Team Letchworth - Extran 

38. Louise Prole Team Milton Keynes                           @ 11min 37secs

39. Karen Glynn Yorkshire                                                @ 12min 07secs

40. Moira Goodway Impsport Composite Team            @ 20 min 02secs

41. Rachel Perkins Team Milton Keynes                        @ 23 min 32secs


Did Not Finish

Leda Cox  Team Letchworth-Extran

Angela Dolan Terry Dolan.com

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