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WomensCycling.net Team Series 1 - Airedale Olympic CC race 

Airedale, Yorkshire, UK

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65 km

Lorna Webb - Life Cycle Repair RT, won the first of this season's Women's Team Race Series organised by the Airedale Olympic CC around the Beckwithshaw circuit by a bikes length with noted MTB rider Katie Middlehurst - Giant Racing with Nina Davies - Team Letchworth in third place, Yorkshire won the team award.

A disappointingly low entry of just 27 riders started the race (19 were to finish) on a cold but sunny day; although the early kilometres were taken at a steady pace the first attack came as the riders left Pennypot Lane after 8 kilometres and as the front of the race strung out so several riders were in trouble at the back. Carolyn Marshall - Fareham Wheelers was what appeared to be the only puncture victim and she was never to get back on.

Kate Boobyer - Yorkshire crashed and was taken to hospital with a suspected broken finger.

At the end of the first 16 kilometre lap, a lead group of 14 had established themselves and the pace was noticeably a little faster. Rachel Hobson - Yorkshire, shed her chain but was able to get back within half a mile.

Into the last lap and it was Nina Davies, Lorna Webb and Helen Gutteridge - East Midlands, attacked over the finish hill but after a mile of freedom, they were caught.

It was clear that the finishing climb of Bland Hill, which started climbing from the village of Norwood a mile away, would play a big part in the race and so it was.

As the leading bunch tackled the climb so the pressure began to tell on 'first race' legs and it was Lorna Webb who held out to cross the line first.

2nd placed Katie Middlehurst, riding her first road race for some time, was pleased with her form and declared that road racing was a big help in her mountain bike races.

Comeback rider Michele Ward - GS Strada, was well pleased with her 5th place having ridden only twice last season but she thought that her experience was a bonus and promises much more.


1. Lorna Webb Life Cycle Repair CRT 2 hrs 6 mins 10 secs

2. Katie Middlehurst Giant Racing same time

3. Nina Davies Team Letchworth-Extran same time

4. Melanie Sears Terry Dolan.Com at 2 secs

5. Michele Ward GS Strada at 4 secs

6. Jacqui Marshall VC St Raphael same time

7. Amy Hunt Giant Racing at 6 secs

8. Diane Moss Team Luciano same time

9. Katherine Hare Team Luciano same time

10. Nikki Harris Pearce Cycles at 9 secs

11. Helen Gutteridge East Midlands same time

12. Vanessa Frith Yorkshire same time

13. Angela Dolan Terry Dolan.Com at 12 secs

14. Sarah Gill Yorkshire same time

15. Heather Summers East Midlands same time

16. Heather Dawe Yorkshire at 32 secs

17. Renell Bartlett Kona Clarks Factory Team

18. Ruth Gamwell Team Luciano

19. Carolyn Marshall Fareham Wheelers

Team Results

1. Team Luciano 148 points

2. Yorkshire 141 points

3. Giant Racing 113 points

4. Terry Dolan.Com 105 points

5. East Midlands 96 points

6. Life Cycle Repair CRT 60 points

7. Team Letchworth 58 points

8. GS Strada 56 points

9. VC St Raphael 55 points

10. Pearce Cycles 51 points

11. Kona Clark Factory 44 points

12. Fareham Wheelers 42 points




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