Day 1 Results      Day 2 / Final Results

Team Letchworth 2 Day

Milton Keynes Bowl

1.2km prologue

90 minute criterium

On a day of wind and very heavy showers, riders were probaby glad that they were not riding any further than the 2 short stages comprising this first day of hte event. Having said that, the Bowl can be treacherous when wet and so they all did well to stay upright.....

After the morning's Prologue, which required good bike handling as well as speed judgement, won by Bermudian visitor Melanie Claude with pre race favourite Diane Moss - Team Luciano in second place by a mere 600th of a second, the 51 kilometre circuit race would have to be well controlled as 3 seconds covered 20 riders.

The first attack came after 5 laps were covered by Lorna Webb - Life Repair but she was quickly caught and eventually a group of 30 riders got clear containing all the favourites; the first time bonus lap was taken by Swedish National champion Nathalie Visser - Team Letchworth-Bikeshop Twente from in-form Helen Gutteridge - East Midlands second and Angela Hunter - GS Strada in third place. A protest at the close quarter sprinting by Visser was later lodged by Hunter but it was rejected by the Commissaire.

Towards the end of the race the heavens opened as promised but this did not deter Hunter who took the stage one second clear of Jacqui Marshall  and Julia Hawley - Bermuda in third place.

This meant that there was a tie for first place on General Classification although Hunter was given the nod due her better placing.

GC after Stage 2

1. Angela Hunter GS Strada 1 hr 23 mins 26 secs

2. Jacqui Marshall Team Luciano at 1 second

3. Diane Moss Team Luciano same

4. Lorna Webb Life Repair same

5. Melanie Claude Bermuda same

6. Julia Hawley Bermuda same

7. Sharon Padley Team Luciano same

8. Catherine Hare Team Luciano same

9. Allison Butler Evans Cycles same

10. Ann Bowditch Team Letchworth-Extran same

11. Helen Gutteridge East Midlands same

12. Colette Swift Surrey League A same

13. Vanessa Frith Hull Thursday same

14. Tracey Fletcher East Midlands same

15. Nathalie Visser Team Letchworth-Bikeshop Twente same

16. Heather Summers East Midlands same

17. Emma Silversides Cheltenham & County same

18. Katie Wylie Team Caledonia same

19. Caroline James Giant Racing same

20. Clara Beard Team Quest same


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