Race Results

Geelong Women's Tour (UCI 2.9.2)

Geelong Peninsula - Victoria, Australia

Stage 3

Despite puncturing on hte line, Olivia Gollan finished third for the stage and won the 2003 event overall. Gollan led the event from start to finish. Miriam Mlechers was best European visitor, finishngi second on hte stage adn fourth overall. 

The final stage included a fierce climb, which saw many riders brought to a halt and forced to walk. The intense heat and the standard of racing meant that this was no walk-in-the-park season starter for hte women's peleton.


1 	Katie	Mactier		Aus
2 	Mirjam	Melchers		Ned
3 	Olivia	Gollan		Aus
4 	Rosalind Reekie-May	NZ
5 	Margaret Hemsley		Aus
Overall Results
1 	Olivia	Gollan	Aus	 A.I.S.                                	6hr 38min 51sec
2 	Katie	Mactier	Aus	 V.I.S.                                      	@ 0'53
3 	Margaret	Hemsley	Aus	 Nürnberger                               	@ 0'58
4 	Mirjam	Melchers	Ned	 World Team                              	@ 1'06
5 	Sara	Carrigan	Aus	 Powerplate-BIK                             	@ 1'07

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