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Write Up Stage 1

35 Riders rolled out on a fine but cloudy day in Feeny Northern Ireland. The local riders faced a tough challenge from the overseas visitors from the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

As the undulating course took its toll a number of riders drifted out of the back of the bunch. Local rider Rachel Henderson was first to suffer at the back, while fellow countrywomen Ann McFarland stretched the bunch out at the front. CJ Farquharson riding for the Impsport composite team rode well however as the pace pick up on the drag she drifted back. 

The Evans Cycling and Team Luciano riders worked hard on the front to break up the race but were constantly dragged back by Mary McKee riding for Cycling Ulster and members of the visiting District Noord- Holland team.

After receiving special dispensation to ride due to age constraints local Ballymena rider Nadine Morris showed strength at the front of the bunch but fell foul to the experience of the group at the base of the first climb. The group lead by a very aggressive Jacqui Marshall (Team Luciano) worked hard to get away but she was constantly drawn back in. The lead group totalling 20 riders created a gap of 1.12sec at 17.3miles back to the chase group of 8 riders. The chasing riders now comprised of Nadine Morris (Impsport Composite) Linda Veen (Team Letchwoth) Ros Clitheroe(Team Letchworth) Ann Bath (Surrey League A) Christina Clarke (Cycling Ulster) Ann McFarland (Cycling Ulster) Bea den Bakker (District Noord – Holland) and Chrystal Sheldon (Surrey League A) unfortunately they struggled to form a cohesive group and fell back to 3.10 sec behind at 29miles.

Mary McKee and a number of the Evans Cycling and Dutch riders worked hard to break the bunch going into the last lap but again the group remained in tact.

In true Irish fashion the rain started as the riders approached the last lap. Despite a number of attempts to split the group they were in tact as they climbed the finish hill for the last time. With approximately 500 meters to go the pace accelerated and the riders were stretched out. Jacqui Marshall showed her strength and it could not be matched as she sprinted to the line 4 sec clear of the Dutch rider Miriam Wiersma and fellow team mate Ruth Gamwell.

Write Up Stage 2

The short but undulating time trial was a test for all of the riders, however the under 3 minutes speed of Jacqui Marshall and Mary McKee could not be matched by any other rider.

Write Up Stage 3

As the bunch rolled out for Stage 3 it was not long before the first rider was to suffer the pace of the flat course. Local rider Rachel Henderson (Impsport Composite) could not keep up suffering from her lack of form due to undergraduate exams. To the relief of a number of less experienced and those unable to keep up with the high speeds, the bunch slowed to a steady speed of 22mph. Ann McFarland (Ulster Cycling), cautious round the bends headed the bunch on many occasions, apparently it was doctors orders to keep out of trouble having recently recovered from serious neck and shoulder surgery.

Trudy Brown (Ulster Cycling) attempted an attack but there was little opportunity, Caroline Gay (Evans Cycles RT) brought the group back together. At the first sprint on lap 6 the Dutch junior rider Sanne Hokke (District Noord-Holland) sprinted to the line ahead of Ruth Gamwell (Team Luciano) and Mary McKee (Ulster Cycling).

Ros Clitheroe (Team Letchworth) worked hard at the front of the bunch to keep the pace high, at the same point the race suffered its first of many punctures, Linda Veen (Team Letchworth) chased hard to get back on after a swift wheel change. A number of riders all attempted to put the pressure on as the bunch turned left on the main road to the finish line. Ros Clitheroe, team mate Kate Cullen (Team Letchworth) and Sue Roy (New Zealand) managed to get a 300m gap on the bunch, the break was joined by Julie O’Hagan (Luton CC), unfortunately the bunch were dragged back by Jacqui Marshall (Team Luciano). The second sprint was a close call with Jacqui Marshall beating, team mate Ruth Gamwell and Angela Dolan (Terrydolan.com) taking third. Dutch rider Miriam Wiersma kept the momentum of the sprint up and she was joined by two riders Jacqui Marshall and Julie O’Hagan managed to get a small gap of 100m but their efforts were thwarted by Mary McKee who again pulled the group back.   

As the group got back together the Dutch rider Jessica Glasbergen (District Noord-Holland) attacked, Hanna Reynolds (Evans Cycles RT) joined her but unfortunately the bunch responded quickly. At 34 miles Caroline Gay (Evans Cycles RT) managed to sneak away without the bunch reacting, she managed to get a gap of 17sec, as the group suffered the only crash of the event, Claire Paignton (Evans Cycles RT) crashed, a front puncture the route cause, taking two other riders down and caught the back wheel of the yellow jersey, thankfully, Jacqui Marshall held her wheel and managed to stay upright. Unfortunately Claire was unable to continue but Linda Veen (Team Letchworth) and Ann Bath (Surrey League A) although hurt climbed back onto their bikes.  Congratulations to Ann Bath for her finish – had it not been for the crash, she would have finished with the bunch for the first time in this, her first full season.

Caroline Gay managed to hold the gap through to the third sprint of the day, followed by Ruth Gamwell and Sanne Hokke.  The yellow jersey and the bunch chased hard round the start of the last lap splitting the back of bunch. With about half a mile to go the bunch slowed and allowed Kate Cullen (Team Letchworth) to break away, she managed to get a 60m gap and  ran out of steam just short of the finish line to a sprinting Jacqui Marshall securing the victory of the stage and overall.

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Race Number First Name Last Name Club Category Position
10 Jacqui Marshall Team Luciano E 1
7 Miriam Wiersma District Noord - Holland E 2
30 Mary McKee Cycling Ulster 2 3
32 Julie O'Hagan CC Luton 3 4
5 Ruth Gamwell Team Luciano 2 5
9 Angela Dolan Terrydolan.com 2 6
31 Caroline Gay Evans Cycles RT 4 7
3 Janet Heffernan Lune RCC 3 8
12 Allison Butler Evans Cycles RT 2 9
33 Della McGavin Surrey League A 3 10
22 Angela Nainby Surrey League A 2 11
15 Jessica Glasbergen District Noord - Holland E 12
39 Amanda McDonnell Team Luciano 4 13
37 Sue Roy New Zealand Vet 14
34 Hannah Reynolds Evans Cycles RT 3 15
29 Kate Cullen Team Letchworth 2 16
23 Sanne Hokke District Noord - Holland J 17
19 Caroline Goward Evans Cycles RT 3 18
41 Trudy Brown Cycling Ulster 3 19
4 Ann McFarland Cycling Ulster 3 20
2 Ros Clitheroe Team Letchworth 4 21
35 Christina Clarke Cycling Ulster 4 22
1 Bea den Bakker District Noord - Holland Vet 23
17 Ann Bath Surrey League A Vet 24
40 Linda Veen Team Letchworth E 25
14 Nadine Morris NI Impsport Comp J 26
8 Margaret Curran Cycling Ulster 4 27
36 Chrystal Sheldon Surrey League A 4 28
27 Mabel McFall Cycling Ulster 4 29
16 Roberta Stewart Cycling Ulster 4 30
25 Hazel Hughes NI Impsport Comp 3 31
11 Corri Farquharson NI Impsport Comp 3 32
28 Rachel Henderson NI Impsport Comp 4 33

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