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Stage 3 Photos

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Courtesy of - Jim Lavery & WomensCycling

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Carrowclaire  Circuit

Race Leaders Surrey League Imsport Composite Evans RT
Stage3Leader.jpg Stage3Composite+SurreyLeague.jpg Stage3Composite+UCF+Surrey.jpg Stage3Evans1.jpg
Intermediate Sprint Corner Chasers
JL-Stage3InterSprint.jpg Stage3Corner.jpg Stage3Chasers.jpg %

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Presentation photos

Lady Mayor McBrolley Jacqui Marshall Mary McKee Julie OHagan
PresLadyMayor.jpg PresMarshall.jpg PresMcKee.jpg PresOHagan.jpg
Alison Butler Caroline Gay Angela Dolan Janet Heffernan
PresAButler.jpg PresCGay.jpg PresDolan.jpg PresHeffernan.jpg
Rachel Henderson Sue Roy Ulster Cycling Federation
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