Race Results

Cheshire Classic

Weaverham, Cheshire

Using the same course as 2002, the Cheshire Classic saw Angela Hunter outsprint last year's winner, Julie Mann. Team Luciano teammates Charlotte Goldsmith and Dianne Moss went elbow-to-elbow for 3rd place, Goldsmith eventually taking it. 


1. Angela Hunter		GS Strada

 2. Julie Mann		Caygill Frames RT  

 3. Charolette Goldsmith	Team Luciano

 4. Diane Moss		Team Luciano

 5. Ann Bowditch		Team Letchworth

 6. Michelle Ward		GS Strada

 7. Lorna Webb 		Life Repair RT

 8. Susan Carter		Terry Dolan.com

 9. Melanie Sears		Terry Dolan.com

10. Vanessa Frith                  Hull Thursday RC

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