Spanish Tour for Women in 2003?

With France and Italy being the leading Tour countries, it could be that Spain will now join them; certainly for some years now we have had reports that there could be a Spanish grand tour to give their own riders a showcase.

According to reports it does indeed seem that the will be a Vuelta Feminine, perhaps as early as next year. The UCI have been informed that the chosen dates will be 3-12 April 2003 - which they have agreed - and television rights have been decided and route planned.

Organisers are the same company that organises men's stage races in Spain so the actual organisation should be spot on; the major problem facing them is sponsorship. First estimates were in the region of 1 million Euros and it has finally settled on 750,000 but the search for a big sponsor is still on and we await more announcements but hope that this extra major tour is finally ON.

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