Tour De Snowy Cancelled

The famous Tour De Snowy - the Australian women's Tour, which has been a traditional start of the season for many of the major teams since 1998 is off. Despite appearing in the plans for 2003, including featuring on the UCI calendar, the decision has been taken to cancel the 2003 event. 


The race, which took a 4 day tour of the Snowy mountains area was usually blessed with good weather, good road surfaces and provided an exciting start to the season......  Last year, in 2002, the Tour De Snowy  followed the World Cup event in Threadbo, also in the Snowy mountain range and gave a great, warm weather start to the year for the women's peleton. This year, too, it would have followed the first World Cup event of 2003. With a UCI status of 2.9.2, it drew many riders over the years and will be sorely missed by the public as well as riders. Last year, TV covered the event and a 1 hour highlights and interview programme was screened in Australia.


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