TQ Papers 2 Day 

Dublin, 4th & 5th October

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Next weekend - 4th and 5th October sees the final race in the WomensCycling.net sponsored Women's Team Series. The event is sponsored by TQ Paper, owned by Terry Quinlan. This superb sponsorship has been ongoing for several years now and Terry usually turns up to see the prizes presented. 

Not only does the event signal the end of the UK and Irish women's calendars, it will also see the 2003 Women's Team Series Champions crowned. As it stands going into the final event, Team Luciano leads Evans CRT by 240 points. Maximum points for placing all 6 counters in the first six places equals 345, so it is possible for Evans to take the title. Average points scored by Team Luciano over the first 8 races are 211, whilst Evans CRT average is 181. By just looking at the numbers, Team Luciano seem like they will take the Team Series. But anything could happen during this 2 day, 3 stage event. 

What a coup the win would be - Team Luciano did not exist a year ago. Set up by Dudley Samuels, who owns Luciano Cycles in London. There is a men's team too. The women's team is led by consistently strong finisher, Diane Moss. Other notable riders such as Sharon Padley, Jacqui Marshall and Ruth Gamwell. 

Evans CRT riders include Caroline Gay, Alison Butler, Annette Nielson, Claire Paington and Hannah Reynolds. The team has grown out of the Surrey League set up. They have finished several riders consistently all year in the series, proving that it is possible to well in the series without having an individual rider winning an event. 

These two teams will not have it all their own way, however. An added dimension to the TQ is the competition provided by the Irish national team and the Dutch teams - one of which, Moving Ladies (which is managed by Chris Rouw) contains last year's winner Esther van der Helm. 

Esther van der Helm

2002 winner

Team Ireland 


Esther van der Helm

Sprints winner 2002

Esther van der Helm 2002 Team Ireland - TQ 2002 Esther van der Helm 2002


 After Event 8 Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Event 5 Event 6 Event 7 Event 8 Total So Far
Team Luciano 148 243 162 268 283 166 207 214 1691
Evans CRT 148 263 226 198 195 227 194 1451
Surrey League A 155 156 124 169 171 246 177 1198



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From Brian Carolan

Race Details

Below are details for this fine event, which takes place on the first weekend in October. It is one of the best organised and friendliest races in the season. A great way to finish the season, this year's event marks the final round of the www.WomensCycling.net sponsored Team Series. This alone makes it fiercely competitive. On top of that, the calibre of the Dutch and German teams and the opportunity to race against them makes it a very special event. Last year's winner, Esther van der Helm will be defending her title as a member of the Moving Ladies team.

The race is held in the vicinity of Dublin Airport; Accommodation is within 5 miles of the airport. Race HQ is 2 miles from the airport. Air transport is the ideal way to travel to the event. If you arrive on the Fri and depart on the Sunday we will pick you up and drop you off. We will also ensure that the (bikeless) team manager is looked after for transport.

Neutral service will be provided by hte race organisers.

If you choose to travel by ferry, Dublin ferryport is approx 7 miles away and Dun Laoghaire ferryport is approx.. 12 miles away (both through city-centre traffic). We may be able to arrange a discount with some ferry companies but not with airlines.

We hope to be able to give UK riders a small subsidy to defray accommodation costs.

We are expecting 2 Dutch teams, 1 German team 3 or 4 UK teams as well as domestic rider. Individuals may enter as well as teams.

The official closing date for entries is Sun 7-Sep after which a 10 late entry fee is payable. 

Entry enquiries - Brian Carolan - email him at      Brian.Carolan@dcu.ie

Also we are happy to accept payment in sterling cheques - once somebody does the maths to ensure that it converts back to the correct amount in Euro.

We have an accommodation officer (Brian Taaffe) who can arrange B&B accommodation for you.

Brian Taaffe


phone +353-(0)1-8314241

mobile +353-(0)87-9170803

fax ....+353-(0)1-8314241

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