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Eelmore Circuit - November

Power Pack Ė winter recharging sessions :

Improve your technique at cornering and sprinting for a line


Events planned for two groups at the Eelmore circuit -

Women riders and 4th Cat and 3rd Cat men with less than 10 points

Surely itís not that time already? Well, sort of as itís time for me to get on with some plan-making.

Iíve been thinking how perfect the Eelmore circuit is for improving cornering technique, as its two equal corners, at each end of a 400m straight section, are the sort that you can just about take full-on.

Also the finish-line, just out of a corner, would be a perfect setting for a session where the focus was on sprinting for a line, either with individuals in a group all looking out for themselves, or working in pairs so there is a designated lead-out to get you within 200m-150m of the finish.

Iím hoping Gary Christiansen, who runs the Army CU, will give me the OK for a couple of dates in NovemberÖ. and if plenty of you turn up we could go back for more.

If you would be interested, please drop me an e-mail. Iíd look to take two successive Saturdays, with the women riders at one and the guys at the second.


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