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WomensCycling.net has tested many items throughout the year, on our travels, at races, in races and training. All of the products have been purchased and used in the same manner as anyone else would do - nothing has been received for test from suppliers or manufacturers, the items listed below are therefore considered as serious contenders for something you might like to buy for yourself.

Specialized Body Geometry - Track Mitts & Gloves 

click for a larger image Track Mitts & Gloves

Comfort and functionality at an affordable price. The track mitts are available in a series of models from "Criterium" to "Professional". All in the range have gel padding at the heel of the hand to prevent carpal tunnel problems. Not only that - they're comfortable too. The gel padding can be felt - as a pad under the hand - its substantial and can take a while to get used to. Afterwards, though, any mitt or glove without a pad feels naked.

Long and short fingered models both come with towelling around the thumb area and a nylon back. The palms are very sturdy - synthetic leather. The long fingered gloves have plastic strips on the fingers which are slightly sticky; perfectly placed to prevent slippage from the brake levers or gear levers whilst riding. The velcro fastenings around the wrist are good - easy to grab and pull open, even with the fingered gloves. The long fingered gloves are ideal for riding indoor track or summer track events - they are not designed to be worn for warmth, although they will be of benefit on a cool springtime morning whilst waiting for the day to warm up.

All models with the synthetic leather palm are easily machine washable. Various pairs over the past couple of years have lasted well, despite at least weekly washing. 

Gloves and mitts are available from both : 

Phil Corley Cycles      

www.PhilCorleyCycles.co.uk +44(0)1908 311 424    shop@philcorleycycles.co.uk


Action Bikes   

              +44(0)2077 992233      mtb@actionbikes.co.uk

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