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WomensCycling.net has tested many items throughout the year, on our travels, at races, in races and training. All of the products have been purchased and used in the same manner as anyone else would do - nothing has been received for test from suppliers or manufacturers, the items listed below are therefore considered as serious contenders for something you might like to buy for yourself.

Impsport - Thermadry Bodywarmer

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This gilet / bodywarmer has certainly seen some action in the past 12 months - road and track racing / training, protection on a chilly descent of Mont Ventoux and in the rain and fog of recent winter weeks in the UK....

 Made from Moria "Thermadry" and lycra, the gilet / bodywarmer is a solid piece of clothing. Shaped slightly to fit on the bike, with a longer back, this is also an ideal item of kit for racing in cooler weather or for riding home from evening events in. The front and back are Thermadry & Impsport claims that this is windproof - the reality does not disappoint! The sides are more flexible - made from ordinary lycra. The inner is good: fleecy & therefore giving the garment a snug feel. The results of a crash in April are just a bit of scuffing to the fabric and a small hole in the side panel, caused by the crash, which has not got any bigger, despite heavy use. There are no signs of fading or misshape as a result of regular machine washing.

The gilet / bodywarmer has been worn on most rides since purchase - either as absolute protection from the cold or as a convenient warm-up jacket in the summer. The armholes have a cuff which prevents the wind from entering at the shoulder and thereby preventing "ballooning" of the bodywarmer at speed / into a headwind. The three back pockets are good-sized and have not suffered the fate of some - there are still three back pockets at the end of a year of use / abuse / over-filling. The fact that they are fleecy-lined (made from the same material as the main front / back) also makes putting your hand in pleasurable too! The neckband is also lined with a soft material - very comfortable when the reasonably high collar is zipped up all the way.

Impsport manufacture the gilet / bodywarmer as a standard item, or it can be made up into your Club colours. Their "blurb" states that it is cut larger to allow it to be worn over the top of other winter-wear, such as a Thermadry jacket, which is probably true, but it feels no less snug over just a jersey in the warmer weather.

 A recommended addition to any cycling wardrobe.

 The downside, not really to do with the garment, but Impsport can take some time to fulfil orders for club kit and bespoke items, so plan well ahead. Although, they do recognise this in a statement included with the 2003 catalogue that 2002 was not their best year for orders met on time and that the introduction of new equipment and practises should help the situation in the future.

 Price : 31.00 each - single colour + 1.00 per extra colour (when ordered as part of a Club order) Contact Impsport direct to check prices / availability for one-off ordering)



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