Products of the Year  

WomensCycling.net has tested many items throughout the year, on our travels, at races, in races and training. All of the products have been purchased and used in the same manner as anyone else would do - nothing has been received for test from suppliers or manufacturers, the items listed below are therefore considered as serious contenders for something you might like to buy for yourself.

Gatorade Sports Drinks

click for a larger image Gatorade

Many years of use have cemented this sports drink as a favourite isotonic product.

 Available in various flavours, it is easy to mix with water - requiring just 1 scoops per 500ml bottle - easy to count, unlike some drinks which require 5 or 6 scoops for the same amount of water!

 It is easily shaken in the drinking bottle once added to water in order to mix and tastes good too! It is neither too sweet or too bitter to taste - although that is obviously a matter of personal preference. It does not 'repeat' nor does it give an aftertaste sometimes associated with such products.

 In some countries, Gatorade is also available ready-mixed & bottled. Found in the drinks fridge next to colas and other soft drinks. The ready-mixed version tastes as good as the powder mix and is great to pour straight into a drinking bottle from either 600ml, 1litre or was it 1.5litre bottles.

 Gatorade gets its name because it was originally developed as a sports drink for the University of Florida (gridiron) football team - the Gators. Today, it is owned by Quaker Oats Company, but support is still offered to grass roots sports by the Gatorade Sports Institute & the "For Athletes" section of the website.