Majorca - March 2003 Training Camp

Alcudia, Majorca Spain - March 24th - 31st

Monday 24th

We flew out of London Luton on the mid-morning flight. "Lovely Legs Lee" and Debs had already been up since 3:30am - having flown in on the earlier flight from Belfast....

Deb   Lovely Legs Lee
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Check-in was a nightmare - LLL was charged 40 for being over the weight limit, when, for the first time in any of our experiences, the easyJet check-in staff weighed the bike bags. I for one was in a panic, knowing that I'd be in for a similar charge, but my luck was in - by the time I got to the counter, Jobsworth was on a coffee break and his replacement was not so officious.

Still, it was worth LLL's wallet being lighter for the charge when all our bikes and bags came through first at Palma. Fellow passengers rushed off to find out how we'd done it when we congratulated LLL on "paying the express fee [which] certainly came off for us" as we waved goodbye to them and left the airport.

Hotel View 

The transfer was painless - a driver, minibus and bikes trailer was waiting at the airport and took us swiftly to Alcudia - home for the week. Davy - training camp organiser, Martin (who was flying home that night, but had done in excess of 500 miles the week before) and Alan (Saturday arrival) were waiting for us. They'd been out once already on Monday, but gave us 90 minutes to change, reassemble bikes and then join them on a short coffee-stop ride to get the flight out of our legs. It was about 15'C, sunny and very pleasant - why not



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The ride was great - my first impression of Majorcan roads was excellent. There are fewer potholes and problems than in many UK lanes. The hotel receptionist told us that 1,000,000 cyclists pass through the airport in Palma in March, April and May each year - worth keeping the roads surfaced for!

We cycled the back way to Port o Pollenca - a beautiful bay just up the coats from Alcudia. 2 coffees later, we were ready to go back - it was getting late and it was getting a bit chilly  in the breeze. 



Pollenca   CJ 
Pollenca CJ

Back to the hotel - 30km later. We showered, changed, ate heartily (having missed lunch) at the serve yourself buffet and waited for the others to arrive directly from Northern Ireland later in the evening. They duly arrived - at around 11:30pm - just too late for a nightcap. 

Breakfast was also a buffet affair and we were to be ready to go, on the bikes at 10:00am the next day. Davy had all the rides organised for the week, provided everyone with a map and there was even an alternative ride for those not up to the distance / gradient of the main ride. Sleep was not long in coming...