From Jon Miles

Susanne Ljungskog Honoured

World road champion at Zolder, Susanne Ljungskog, has been awarded the Swedish equivalent of 'Sportsperson of the Year', the first cyclist since 1976 to receive the award.

The 'Bragdmedaljen' award is voted upon by a 14 member panel from the newspaper Dagbladet and has been awarded since 1925 and is the culmination of a superb year for Susanne; apart from the world title she was second in the women's Tour de France winning the final time trial into Paris.

"My goals for 2003 are to win the Tour de France with a long term ambition of the Olympic title in Athens" said Ljungskog; she also said that she is likely to be riding in Italy although the name of the team was not released.

She was just the third cyclist to receive this prestigious award with the others being in 1967 the famous 4 Petterson bothers with their three world time trial championships and then in 1976 with Berndt Johansson who won the Olympic road race.

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