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Castilla Y Leon

Characteristics of the event:

The race takes place around the village of Villarcayo (Burgos), on a new 15,5 kilometer circuit to be ridden in 7 laps.
7 laps 15,5 kms = 108,5 kms
Course description:

On the whole, the course is flat. However, there is a climb in the middle of the circuit (1 km. at 5% with stretches of 8%). The finish line will be contested at the end of a very long and wide street (2 kms with 10 meters).

Winners of the previous editions:
2002 (first edition): REGINA SCHLEICHER (Michela Fanini)
How to get to the race location:
Nearest airport / Aéroport le plus proche : BILBAO (100 Kms)
Road / Route:
From Bilbao.
First, take the highway A-80/E-70 for 20 kms.
Afterwards, the road BI-636 for 27 kms
And the road C-6318 for 28 kms
Then, the road C-629 for 15 kms
Total: 100 kms
From Burgos
First, take the road N-623 for 12 kms
And then, the road BU-629 for 60 kms
Total: 72 kms
Climatic conditions at the race date:

Cold, dry, temperature, etc. Possibility of rain, Temperature I half-close 18 º C


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