Race Results

World Championships 2002

Zolder, Belgium

From - Jon Miles

Elite Womens Time Trial 23.2km

All the top riders were on the start line of the women's World Time Trial Championship with perhaps the top favourite being Holland's Leontien van Moorsel-Zijlaard, Zoulfia Zabirova of Russia and the evergreen - but now in her 44th year, Jeannie Longo of France.

No rain but cold conditions, with strong cross/tailwinds, greeted the riders with the first best time set by an almost unknown Karin Thurig of Switzerland with 30 mins 17 secs; she is new to road racing having come over from duathlon in the middle of the year and wanting to go to the next Olympics, in which duathlon is not a recognised sport, chose cycling instead.

And so the top riders came and went but still Thurig's time stood at the top of the board; van Moorsel was not doing so well, always down on the intermediate checks out on the course and it wasn't until Zabirova, 6th last to start, that we started to see times that would eventually put her on top as the last few riders struggled with the wind.

One other rider who had cause to be pleased was the other Swiss rider, the more experienced Nicole Brandli who displaced her team mate for second place.

Zabirova completed the distance at a speed of 46.3 k.p.h


1. Zoulfia Zabirova Russia 30 mins 2 secs

2. Nicole Brandli Switzerland at 14 secs

3. Karin Thurig Switzerland at 15.65 secs

4. Joane Somarriba Spain at 15.68 secs

5. Sara Carrigan Australia at 20 secs

6. Olga Slyuussareva Russia at 32 secs

7. Jeannie Longo-Cripelli France at 42 secs

8. Rasa Polikeviciute Lithuania at 44 secs

9. Judith Arndt Germany at 48 secs

10. Leontien van Moorsel-Zijlaard Holland at 51 secs

32. Frances Newstead Great Britain at 2 mins 12 secs

40 Geraldine Gill Ireland at 3 mins 49 secs

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