Race Results - World Cup Race #1

 By Jon Miles



The first race in the World Cup saw a convincing win by Petra Rossner - Saturn when she outsprinted her two breakaway companions Rochele Gilmore - New South Wales and Mirjam Melchers - Holland. 

Leaving Cooma under grey skies the race faced the wind early on and it was when the 16 kilometre mark was reached that the first attack went with Olivia Golland - Australian Institute of Sport; she rapidly gained time reaching a maximum 2 minutes 40 secs but behind the Dutch team were controlling the bunch. 

As the race climbed Barney’s Ridge with 45 kilometres covered the general feeling was that Golland was not a threat but by 70 kilometres the pace picked up, Swiss rider Priska Dopperman tried a few attacks but it was noticeable that each time the bunch caught her there were less riders.

By the 73 km mark Gollans escape was at an end with just one serious climb left, that of Ivo’s Farm; the race hit the 2 km climb at 84 km covered and by now there were just 55 riders left in contention but by the top of the climb it was down to 25.

Wiith Rossner still in the bunch the riders knew that had to pull out something to avoid her being brought to the finish when her sprint would be the telling factor; the Saturn team now came to the fore chasing down the late race breaks and raising the speed for the final 5 km.

Into the finishing straight and it was the German’s champions jersey visible at the front as she produced her telling sprint to cross the line clear in first place.

 Saturn team manager Giana Roberge said that the result was according to several plans for the team; Petra Rossner was full of praise for her team mates, “They did a terrific job bringing me back to the font each time, I could just take it easy in the climbs, they also gave me a great lead out at the finish although I don’t really enjoy spring at this time of the year”.



1.  Petra Rossner                        Saturn                                   3 hrs 14 mins 25 secs

2.  Rochelle Gilmore                   NSWIS                                  same time

3.  Mirjam   Melchers                  Holland                                  same time

4.   Hayley   Rutherford               AIS                                         same time

5.  Hanka Kupfernagel               Vlaanderen                            same time

6.  Priska Doppmann                 Switzerland                            same time

7.  Melissa Holt                           New Zealand                          same time

8.  Mari Holden                            Cannondale USA                  same time

9.  Heidi Van de Vijver               Vlaanderen                             same time

10 Rosalind Reekie-May             New Zealand                        same time