Race Results - May 5th - Wervershoof 90km (Junior event - see end of this report)


Once again, the race was dominated by Farm Frites and the Dutch National squad. In a repeat of Saturday's stage, these two teams sent riders 'up the road' within the first few kilometres. The weather was worse - with the wind chilling the wet riders through to the bone. The rain, which had stayed away on Saturday fell fro most of the stage.  If anything, it was colder and with a headwind up the long finishing straight, it was a harder course than Saturday.

Within the first lap, the race had split, although the leading group was smaller than it had been on Saturday. Covering a lap in 6 minutes, the riders fight their way along the finishing straight 20 times. Once again, the Dutch National squad and Farm Frites / Hartol combined to provide the lead group, this time though, the following group included 2 Team Letchworth riders - Ann Bowditch and Mary Boyd. Team-mates, Suzanne Hamilton and Debbie Booth also found themselves in groups and all 4 worked well to stay in their respective groups throughout the race.

Mid-race, the rain came down harder and it was noticeably colder, yet the leading group, riding a well-drilled and disciplined effort continued off the front. The chasers were never really going to get back to what was by now a world-class group of international riders. However, the race for the lesser placings was an exciting one, which, when it came to the final sprint, Ann Bowditch showed a tenacious turn-of-speed as things were wound up from 400m out. She was pipped to the post by a bikes length, but will not quickly be forgotten by those she beat from that group. 

The sprint for first place was almost a re-enactment of Saturday, Melchers led van Moorsel through the line for the bell, as the others in the grouped vied for position. As the riders came into view along the finishing straight for the last time, it was a three-up sprint which van Moorsel won from Koedooder (in a repeat of Saturday's one-two) with Adris Visser (Dutch squad) third.


1    Zijalrd van Moorsel      -    Farm Frites/Hartol   

2    Koedooder                   -    Nationale Selectie        same time

3    Visser                         -    Nationale Selectie        same time



1    Zijalrd van Moorsel      -    Farm Frites/Hartol    66 points

2    Koedooder                   -    Nationale Selectie    62 points   

3    Visser                         -    Nationale Selectie       52 points


Junior Event

Kimberley Walsh (Team Letchworth) rode strongly on her own in the junior event. Once more, the wind and rain were a factor in the final result. Kimberley overcoming the atrocious conditions and also the trademark European fast start to settle in to the race. 

After more than an hour "mixing-it" with Dutch and Belgian riders who obviously knew each others' strengths and weaknesses, she was still in contention with the main group. The final sprint was a close fought affair and Kim did not disgrace herself at all, eventually placing 20th.


1    Suzanne de Goede

2    Miranda  Vierling    same time

3    Loes Markerink       same time


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