Race Results - WCRA Criterium Championships

 WCRA Criterium  - Milton Keynes Bowl  

Sunday  2 June 2002

In a continuing show of form, SP Systems Wightlink provided 1st and 2nd place (Charlotte Goldsmith and Dianne Moss)  in the WCRA criterium championships on Sunday. Conditions were hot and sunny for hte hour-plus5laps event. Local triathelete, Imogen Thornburgh rode well to come third and youth (under 16) rider Chiona Cureton showed her class, speed and strength to come fourth - as well as winning the Youth prize. Kimberly Walsh (junior) came fifth and rode to honours in the Junior category.  Team Letchworth performed well in support of Kim and finished all four riders in the top half of the starters.

Winners of the sprint primes donated by  www.WomensCycling.net  were : Dianne Moss and Charlotte Goldsmith - congratulations to them both!

Race Number Name Club Position Time
6 Charlotte Goldsmith SP Systems-Wightlink-Mobile Cycle Centre 1 1-13-20
5 Diane Moss SP Systems-Wightlink-Mobile Cycle Service 2  
20 Imogen Thornburgh Team MK 3  
18 Chioma Cureton TS Huddle Ltd-HSBC 4 Youth 
23 Kimberley Walsh Team Letchworth-Extran-Mango Helmets 5  Jun
1 Sally Boyden Classic Walls CRT 6  
21 Lorna Webb PowerBar 7  
9 Mary Boyd Team Letchworth-Extran-Mango-Impsport 8  
8 Jeanette Tebbutt Team Letchworth-Extran-Mango-Impsport 9  
24 Jacqui Marshall VC St Raphael-Waite Contracts 10 Jun
10 Suzanne Hamilton Team Letchworth-Extran-Mango-Impsport 11  
29 Beren Airstone VC St Raphael-Waite Contracts 12  
22 Karen Last JE James RT 13  
13 Emma Silversides Cheltenham & County CC 14
25 Gabriella Day VC Lincoln-Impsport-TMS Landrover 15  Jun
11 Rusine Airstone VC St Raphael-Waites Contracts 16  
26 Abby Jackson Farnborough & Camberley CC 17  Youth
15 Nikki Wheeler Portsmouth North End CC 18  
28 Sophie Day Velo Club Lincoln-TMS Landrover 19  Youth
3 Leda Ray Prestige VC.com-Viner-High 5 DNF  
7 Sharon Padley SP Systems-Wightlink-Mobile Cycle Service DNF  
16 Hsu Min Chung Twickenham CC-Evans-Stairmaster DNF  
19 Ruth Freestone King Cycleweb.co.uk-Synergy DNF  
27 Kimberley Blythe Sheffield Phoenix CC-Winter-Continental DNF  
2 Cherie Pridham Prestige VC.Com-Viner-High 5 DNS  
4 Vanessa Frith Hull Thursday RC-John Fredericks Plastics DNS  
12 Carolyn Marshall Fareham Wheelers-Speltham Contracts DNS  
14 Katherine Hill Cycleways-Terry Dolan DNS  


Jackie White Tunstall Wheelers



   In the mens event - the Andy Hardy Memorial, local rider Simon Gaywood won in a sprint finish from former friends of Hardy, Aaron McAffery and Gary Baker. Before the start, clubmate Dick Selley lined up in "old" club colours for a photo with Andy's parents and friends. 

02-06-02-GBR-MK-Selley+FriendsOfHardy 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-02-TeamLetchworth 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-03-Lap1-Boyden 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-05-2ndGroup 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-07-1stGroup 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-15a-Prizes-Top3Youth 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-17-Prizes-Top3Juniors 02-06-02-GBR-MK-WCRACrits-22-Prizes-Top2