Race Writeup - Tour De La Aude   

Stage 4

Tuesday 21 May 2002

From Jon Miles

Stage 4 Rieux Minervois - Rieux Minervois 114 kilometres


Four days into the race and Saturn Cycling team are proving the dominate

team in the race when their Ina Teutenberg won her second stage in a row

after a windy but very hot day.


The first 20 kms were taken easy with he field down to 92 riders until the

first of the sprints; at the second sprint Teutenberg had won the three

seconds on offer for first place but it was under the pressure of

Polikeviciute when the first of the mountains primes at 61 kms had passed,

that the bunch split into two groups but the Saturn riders were strong

enough to hang on over the climb.


With 4 kms to go Judith Arndt - Saturn, broke away but she was caught with

just 2 kms to go, mainly by the German National team and Nurnberger.

The Saturn team now moved into action keeping the speed high until

Teutenberg was close enough to lunge for the line in first place.




1. Ina Yoko Teutenberg Saturn 3 hrs 5 min 5sec

2. Angela Brodtka Frankfurt same time

3. Svetlana Samokhvalova Itera same time

4. Hanka Kupfernagel Nurnberger same time

5. Heidi van de Vijver Vlaanderen same time