Race Writeup - Tour De La Aude   

Stage 1 

Sunday 19 May 2002

From Jon Miles

Stage 1 Lezignan - Corbieres109 kms

This was no gentle ride on the flat as with men's stage race, there was a
mountain climb just after 30 kilometres but renowned German sprinter Ina
Teutenberg - Saturn Cycling Team, won the stage beating Russia's Olga
Zabelinskaia by 2 seconds with Kirsty Robb - New Zealand a further 50
seconds back.

With open fields on the stage the race was tactical with dangerous cross
winds on narrow roads that caused many teams to split.
The first mountain top caused a group to go away including Judith Arndt -
Saturn, Susanne Lungskog - Vlaanderen, Hanka Kupfernagel, the
Polikeviciute - Acca Due, Miriam Melchers and Kirsty Robb of Farm Frites.

Teutenberg attacked from this group with 10 kms to go and ran out the

GB's best placed rider was Melanie Sears at 7 mins 47 secs but Sarah
Symington lies third in the sprints competition.


1. Ina Yoko Teutenberg    Saturn Cycling team  2 hr 47 m
2. Olga Zabelinskaia    Itera Team at 2 secs
3. KirstyRobb     Farm Frites-Hartol   at 50 secs
4. Jenney Algelid    Nurnberger           at 51 secs
5. Hanka Kupfernagel     Nurnberger at 1 m 26 s