Race Results

Womens Team Series 4

Yorkshire, Pennypot Course

Thanks to John White for his notes about the event

There were 35 starters for this 2pm, Sunday event. The race was over 3 and 3/4 laps of the hilly and very testing Pennypot course. About 8 riders were dropped from the back of the main bunch within 1 mile of the start, but  all except 3 of these got back into the bunch before the left hand turn into Pennypot Lane. 

As the race passed the army training camp at about 4 miles, the bunch took the left hand turn toward Norwood village- which indicated the first of 4 times up the hill. At the top, the race had split into 3 groups. Crossing the finish line for the first time, there were about  45seconds covering the groups. Lorna Webb,  Sally Boyden, Jackie White and Karen Byrne, plus 5 others broke away and gained about 1 minute on the two bunches behind them.

The 9 breakaway riders turned left  into Pennypot Lane for 2nd time.  Within 3 miles, a touch of wheel in the leading bunch saw 4 riders crash. Those involved included Karen Byrne and Sally Boyden. All those involved got up, but by now a small lead group of 8 riders were away including  Lorna Webb and Jackie White. Jackie White was seen looking back, her plan was to drop back and pull team-mates Karen Byrne and Sally Boyden back to the leading pack. But in the high winds (and by now light rain), they made the left turn at Norwood village for the 2nd time up the long hill to the finish area with Karen Byrne at 20secs and Sally Boyden at 30secs. By now, the 2nd main bunch was at 2 minutes - the group contained about 15 riders. Sally Boyden's season-long mechanical jinx continued and she retired as the race passed the HQ. The damage to her bike and rear wheel too severe to continue.

As the race entered the final lap,  the main bunch of 7 riders was still away. Karen Byrne was riding alone at about 1 minute down; the main bunch were still at over 2 minutes down. The rain was being driven into the riders faces by high winds. Although there was a consolation that riders had a tail-wind finish up the hill from Norwood village (making it more like a early season event, than a mid-summer event).

Overall Results

1st    Lorna Webb - Team PowerBar

2nd    (anyone know??)

3rd    Jackie White   - Tunstall Wheelers

Bunch followed in @ approx 2minutes

John's Race photos - click on photo below to see larger image

JWhite-Bunch1 JWhite-Bunch2 JWhite-Bunch3 JWhite-JWhite+MFirth


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