Race Results

St Kilda CC / WomensCycling.net  - Inaugral Womens Carnival

Port Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus

8 December 2002

Individual and Team Criteriums

Nicole Huntriss organised this innovative criterium carnival with the aim of getting novice riders involved - which certainly happened. There were at least 4 riders competing in their first ever criterium event on Sunday, including a triathelete and a speed (ice) skater!

Two women's carnival events were on the programme for women during the regular Sunday morning SKCC promotion. The first, an individual criterium, which served as a selection event for the second, a team event. 

Event 1 prizes included 2 sets of intermediate sprints, a sprint for those losing contact with the main bynch and a lanterne rouge (last place getter) award, as well as "spot" prizes. The pace was good and competition solid in this event. As some of the novices slid 'out the back' they grouped up and worked together to reach the finish in small groups. 


Women's Individual Criterium
1. Kerrie Baumgartner (St Kilda)

2. Kirsty Bortolin (Blackburn)

3. Rachel Rademaker (Blackburn)

4. Fleur Terry (St Kilda)

5. Samantha Lindsay (St Kilda)


Lantern Rouge - Gabrielle Carr

Women's Team Criterium
1. Green Team (Sally Robins, Cordelia Kerr, Katie Knight)


Overall - Kerrie Baumgartner

Lantern Rouge - Joanne Withers

Riders waiting for the start of the Carnival Prize-getters from the individual event

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