Race Results

Commonwealth Games Time Trial

Rivington, Lancashire

14.6 miles (23.4km)

Race time for the  women's event was early - first rider starting at 10:00am. It was warm - 18'C and cloudy for most of the riders.

The time trial covered 2 laps of the circuit based upon Rivington Village, about 25 miles (40km) from Manchester. The road race will cover the circuit 8 times - 3rd August - 09:00hrs. 

Intermediate / half way times were a good indication of the final results, although Lyne Bassette went through in second, dropping back to third by the end of the race. Third fastest at halfway, Anna Milward came through to take the silver medal at full distance. 

Scotland's Sally Ashbridge and Caroline Cook showed at 7th and 8th at half-way for a while and Bermuda's Julia Hawley was 10th fastest at 11.7km for a while too. England's Frances Newstead was 5th at halfway, dropping to an eventual 8th overall. This was the best "home nation" performance on a day when many people's hopes were with Nicole Cooke (Wales), who finished disappointingly. "There was a problem - not with the bike, with me" commented Cooke, who defended her decision to ride a road bike with tri-bars fitted rather than a dedicated TT bike. She said she would have to go away and think about what had gone wrong - not wishing to identify anything in particular when asked about her performance just after finishing.

Commentating for a BBC TV sport programme, Chris Boardman showed his ignorance of women's cycle sport when he noted that Frances Newstead "freewheeled on her way down the starting ramp because she's probably never started down one before". He is obviously unaware of the many European stage races which many of the "home nation" riders, including Frances, has ridden - which almost always have a start ramp when a TT is included...... 


                                                             1/2 distance            Final

1    Clara Hughes    Canada            17:29.52                34:51.66

2    Anna Millward    Australia           17:37.70               35:00.77

3     Lyne Bassette    Canada           17:30.80               35:10.42

4     Margeret Hemsley  Australia                                   35: 41.83

5    Sara Carrigan    Australia                                         35:43.65

6    Kirsty Robb    New Zealand                                      35:47.88

7    Susan Palmer-Komar    Canada                              35:53.14

8    Frances Newstead    England    18:03.54               36:09.02

9     Melissa Holt     New Zealansd                                  36:24.81

 10 Nicole Cooke     Wales                                              37:15.50

11 Sally Ashbridge     Scotland                                       37:22.67

12 Melanie Sears     England                                          38:06.66

13 Caroline Cook     Scotland                                         38:07.75

14 Melanie Claude     Bermuda                                      38:37.79

15 Julia Hawley    Bermuda                                             38:50.98

16 Nina Davies     Wales                                                  39:15.59

17 Ann Bowditch     Guernsey                                          39:27.15

18 Katrina Hair  Scotland                                                 39:45.29 

19 Jacqui Fletcher     Isle of Man                                     40:03.56 


20 Sharon Watterson    Isle of Man                                 40:29.41

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