Race Results

Tour of Cardinia - 1 & 2 June 2002

Cardinia Reservoir, Melbourne Victoria

From Chris Beales - Organiser

Overall Results

SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1st & 2nd JUNE 2002
Final Results
1st Stepanie WILLIAMS TAS 570 Pts
2nd Sally COWMAN QLD 490 Pts
3rd Belinda GOSS TAS 485 Pts
4th Alexis RHODES S.A. 390 Pts
5th Renee BRAITHWAITE S.A. 365 Pts
6th Laura MEADLEY ACT 365 Pts
7th Kate NICHOLS NSW 360 Pts
8th Amber MALONE W.A. 360 Pts
9th Kylie HOWLETT ART 345 Pts
10th Kate GAYNER S.A. 330 Pts
11th Helen BARCLAY ACT 330 Pts
12th Jessie McLEAN ACT 310 Pts
13th Kate FINEGAN BGO 195 Pts
1st Emily WILLIAMS TAS 570 Pts
2nd Natalie BATES NSW 465 Pts
3rd Louise YAXLEY TAS 445 Pts
4th Claire BAXTER HAW 430 Pts
5th Liz YOUNG QLD 425 Pts
6th Zoe SOUTHWELL NSW 410 Pts
7th Emma RICKARDS CAR 405 Pts
8th Samatha LINDSAY STK 330 Pts
9th Audrey QUICK BBN 320 Pts
10th Kristy BORTOLIN BBN 310 Pts
11th Elizabeth WILLIAMS CAR 310 Pts
12th Louise HAMILTON-WHITE STK 270 Pts
13th Nicole HUNTRISS STK 245 Pts
14th Vanessa CRAWFORD CAR 220 Pts
15th Catherine ALLEN BBN 215 Pts




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