Team Transfer Summary

November 2002

The end of the season for women's trade teams is just as important as their male counterparts, this is the time of the year when riders change teams and look to the coming season.

Top team Acca Due O of Italy, but registered in Lithuania, announced that Australian sprinter Rochelle Gilmore has signed for them, her first professional contract; it is for one year with an option for to more years which is pretty standard.

Acca Due beat off competition from Saturn as Gilmore decided that the European scene was more to her liking as Saturn will be racing the American calendar. She will be based in Treviso with many of the teams other riders.

Rochelle said "I spent two years with the Australian Institute of Sport , it is a good programme for developing younger riders and allows us the opportunity to get into international racing and we also learn about living in Europe which is away from home for 6 months of the year".

"This year", she added, "I finished 5th overall in the World Cup and my goal if to be the World number 1 ranked rider and Acca Due will help me achieve this".

Rona Cycling Team had Canadian Carrie Tuck sign for them; Tuck lived in Alberta and has been racing for 11 years on the track and mountain biking becoming the junior MTB champion and gaining three top ten finishes in the junior World Championships.

"I discovered road racing in 2000" she said, "but I like time trialing and I won the Gold medal in the Canadian championships and Silver in the Road Race but I had injured my collar bone during the year".

Team Nurnberger is fast becoming the Team Telekom of women's racing and is pleased with the interest in women's sport in Germany; indeed the insurance company has disbanded their men's Division 2 team to concentrate on the women's team.

The team has cyclo cross World Champion Hanka Kupfernagel, Australian road champion Margaret Hemsley and Swedish Time Trial Champion Jenny Algelid-Bengtsson.

After a year racing with the Canadian National team , Lyne Bessette will return to Saturn but Judith Arndt and Petra Rossner have left to go to Nurnberger leaving vacancies for other top riders to come to Saturn.

These include US sprinter Laura van Gilder, Sarah Uhl and Manon Jutras.

With the demise of the Deia Pragma Colnago team from the professional scene, Joanne Somarriba is still happy about the coming season.

She told the Spanish sport newspaper Marca "I am still excited by racing unlike some other years where I had doubts, perhaps my ambition was not so high".

With two victories in the Tour Feminin, 2 wins at the Giro D'Italia the Spanish climber finished her season with a strong ride in the World Championships with a 4th in the time trail and third in the road race.

She said that she would like to continue to race in Italy and is hoping to take some of her team mates with her; her main objective for the season remains the Tour Feminin but the World Championships in Canada will also feature highly.


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