Team Series Race 1 - April 14th 2002 - 56 riders entered so far

Jon Miles has confirmed tonight (5th April 2002) that there are 56 riders for the first Team Series race on April 14th. "This must be the largest field for a women's one-day race in the UK for years" was Jon's comment on the size of field. 

That the Team Series has established itself in the minds of the UK's women racers in only 2 seasons is a tribute to the innovative structure of the competition and the fact that it seems to serve exactly what the female riders want - whether experienced or not. 

As has been the case in the past, the Team Series race will be the first road race ever for at least one novice on April 14th. The automatic inclusion of an "Impsport Composite Team" on the Start Sheet means that novices and riders without teams are able to compete together; the more experienced able to help their novice team-mates to understand the basics of road racing, team tactics and encourage them to ride other events later in the year.

The Start Sheet, HQ and circuit details will be published on WomensCycling.net soon

For more information check the BCF magazine or contact race organiser Jon Miles on telephone 01234 350 996



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